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What is Nuru massage?

The Nuru gel is thicker and more slippery than the scented massage oils.


Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki City. The word originally means “slippery/smooth” which refers to the consistency of the special gel they use during the massage.

The exclusive Nuru gel is thicker and more slippery than the scented massage oils. The transparent, odorless and tasteless massage lotion is derived from seaweed leaves. The masseuse pours the liquid into a bowl to warm it up before the massage begins. The feeling of the warm and wet gel on your skin already makes the erotic massage experience more special.


What’s the difference between Nuru- and slippery massage?

Nuru gel is a transparent, tasteless, odourless massage lotion and it is derived from seaweed leavesThere’s not much difference between the two erotic massage types regarding the technique used during both programs. The varieties of the movements, the erotic charge, and the wide borders, from the sensual body to body massage to the slippery massage around intimate areas fit both options. The real difference is that during Nuru massage the usual scented massage oil is replaced by a very slippery, professional, natural and trademarked substance called Nuru Gel. Nuru massage in Budapest is only available exclusively at Massage House!


The technique of Nuru Massage

For all massage programs – may it be erotic, sensual or any other widely known massage type – it is crucial to set the perfect mood and environment for relaxation. Our parlor has been specifically designed for that, resulting in the best experience you can get in the city.  You can check out our well-designed massage rooms here. To achieve the ideal atmosphere the massage always starts with a back- or full body massage that will help the muscles to loosen up. In all our massage rooms there’s smooth and relaxing background music, special mood lighting and candles to give you the perfect setting.

During the massage participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, the masseuse often using her entire body on the person to be treated. First, the masseuse applies the Nuru gel by hand to the entire body of both client and herself. Then she uses slippery massage techniques using her breasts, stomach, butt, thighs, and arms as well. This is the reason why it is also called body-to-body massage. The feeling of the warm and wet Nuru covered bodies sliding on each other creates a new height of true relaxation.

Nuru massage is a really sensual experience.

Since the gel is water based, the mix can be easily removed from the body with a quick shower, way easier than any kind of oil-based product or cream.

It’s important to note that while Nuru massage is a very sensual experience, we don’t go over the boundaries of a massage. This means that we do not offer any kind of sexual activity as our parlor strictly distances itself from sexual services.

Nuru massage in Budapest is only available at Massage House. If you want to try this exclusive and unforgettable experience, book an appointment with any of our beautiful masseuses and experience a new form of pampering and relaxation.



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