Massage Salon

Massage Rooms

We currently have 12 separate massage rooms, meaning that we can welcome groups of up to 12 persons.

Should your group be larger than this, we are able to provide our service in two or more iterations.

Peace of Japan Massage Room

Peace of Japan

Large room furnished to give a truly peaceful Japanese feeling, along with hand-made walls, samurai swords, and hand-painted kanji papers.

Spirit of Africa Massage Room

Spirit of Africa

Spacious massage room furnished with African and Indonesian style, cozy lighting and a sofa. The decoration and ornaments makes you feel the spirit of Africa in yourself while receiving a professional massage.

Cave of Elegance Massage Room

Cave of Elegance

Elegant, modern, spacious massage room with double tatami primarily recommended for couples.

Shine of the West Massage Room

Shine of the West

One of the most elegant massage rooms of our parlor, where everything is shining, giving a really modern, clear look.

Magic of Asia Massage Room

Magic of Asia

A really intimate room where the bamboo rolls and soft lighting is guarded by a feline-like life-size sculpture.

Island of Bora Bora Massage Room

Island of Bora Bora

One of the most beautiful rooms of our massage parlour, where the baldachin curtains bring the island of Bora Bora to life.

Room of Vintage Massage Room

Room of Vintage

Our room made for the fans of the vintage style combines vivid colours with furniture that creates a unique atmosphere of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Golden Light Massage Room

Golden Light

Gold is the most prominent colour of one of our newest massage rooms, offering a relaxing but elegant atmosphere.

1001 nights Massage Room

1001 nights

Real modern luxury in the premium room of our parlor with white furnitures color lights own inner shower enclosure for your comfort and perfect mood. Really a VIP room.

Walls of Kanji Massage Room

Walls of Kanji

Elegant and air-conditioned room which’s walls are decorated with the Japanese alphabet’s Kanji letters and miniature bonsai trees.

Silver Buddha massage room

Silver Buddha

Spacious, air-conditioned massage room, where the modern atmosphere meets the silver Buddha decoration.

Garden of Love Massage Room

Garden of Love

Our specially designed massage room for couples, with double tatami, large space, cozy flower walls where the air shines from the intimacy.

Other Premises



Using the bathroom is recommended before and after the massage as well. Disinfecting the shower after guests is a basic hygiene standard at Massage House.

EMassage House Lobby


The atmosphere and equipment of our lobby is planned to give you an unworldly feeling for your complete relaxation.

Our location

Our location

Our massage parlor is located in downtown Budapest, near Nyugati Palyaudvar. You can find more information about our location here.

Our principles

Discretion icon - which is intended to represent the maximum discretion of the salon


We do everything in our power to have your stay in Massage House as discreet as possible. Our massage parlor is located on the top floor of a newly-built building, in dedicated apartments, so you won’t experience the unpleasantness of entering/exiting a street front erotic massage salon.

Hygiene icon - which symbolizes the strict hygiene requirements of the salon


We require complete hygiene in our parlor, ensuring that our guests will always have a clean, disinfected bathroom, sheet, towel, and head rest to use.

Comfort icon - which represents the maximum level of comfort in the salon


The layout and equipment of our parlor is adapted to your comfort. Our massage rooms are equipped with comfortable stools, are spacious and located a few steps from the bathroom. When designing our studio, the comfort of our guests was our first priority.