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Before eroticmassage

Everybody can try out the experiment of eroticmassage, but there are some preparations, that are needed to be done before. What kind of preparations? Let’s see them!

Before you visit an eroticmassage house…

First of all, you have to check the place. Does it seems tidy, clean and welcoming? Be sure, that all massage rooms include bathroom. It’s really necessary, because before the massage you have to wash yourself, to be clean, for hygienic reasons.

It is also a must, even if you depart from you home, and you have had already washed yourself. You don’t need a lot of time to spend in the massage rooms bathroom, if you are basically clean.

Read through the policy! Every eroticmassage house have different policies. For example usually it is forbidden to touch the masseuses, and if you do so, it’s possible that you have to leave the salon. It’s really awkward, try to avoid this kind of situations. Also, if the erotic masseuses say, you have to stop what you are doing, because it makes her really uncomfortable, you have to listen. Be nice and respectful.

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For some type of eroticmassage the masseuses use oils.

A few more tips

If you want to visit an eroticmassage house with your friends, you have check, how many massage parlours are in the chosen one massage salon. For example, in EroticMassage House Budapest there are 9 massage rooms.

It’s also good to know, that for some massages the masseuses use erotic massage oil. If you are allergic, you have to warn the masseuse before she applies it on you skin. She can check it for you, if it has any allergenic ingredients.

To sum up, the erotic masseuses are also people, and they have feelings. Don’t be rude, and avoid the violent behaviors. Check the massage salon before you visit it, and you can prepare yourself properly. Enjoy the special experiment!

Erotic massage gift voucher

Have you ever tried erotic massage? How does it felt? If you want to share this experiment with one or your best friend, college or family member, you can buy an erotic massage gift voucher. And your gift will be unforgettable!

Erotic massage gift voucher

Nowadays everyone wants to relax, but almost nobody can. That is why it can be a perfect gift for someone, who lives a really stressful life. It’s a really simply and easy way to give somebody a relaxing pastime.

And if your chosen one friend is shy, or you know, that he or she doesn’t want to go alone, no worries. There is also an option, to choose couples massage, where two guests can at the same time enjoy the erotic massage experiment. What is more, you can call the reception, and say some detail about your friends personality. The receptionist can give you really good advises, to choose the best massage program!

The erotic massage gift voucher can be used for any program. You can find them on the main page of the Erotic Massage House.

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Erotic massage gift voucher can be a good present for you friends.

Receiving the erotic massage gift voucher

It is also really easy to get the voucher: you can visit the place itself personally, and the receptionist will give you the voucher. Or you can choose to pay it via your bank account, and you will receive the gift voucher as an e-mail message. After that, you can print it, and it’s ready to use.

Do you find it really hard, to think about the right gift for you loved one? And what do you think, who doesn’t want to enjoy a relaxing massage program? Erotic massage can release the stress from the body, and can boost the self esteem. In Erotic Massage House Budapest you can definitely find the right program for your friend.

Lingham massage

Lingham massage is a really unique erotic massage technique. If you don’t know a lot about this massage type, it’s easy to mix it up with the happy ending or happy finish. But they are not the same.

Lingham massage as a therapeutic massage

Even though lingham massage is focusing on the genital are, it doesn’t have any connection with sex massage. The guests won’t have orgasm at the massage house. The erotic masseuses use therapeutic techniques on the penis, testicles and around the genital are to release stress from the body.

But that’ not all! It has been proved, that with this massage a lot of sexual health diseases can be prevented. This massage is about soft and sensual touching. This technique can reduce the possibility of impotence, the problems with the testicles, testicle cancer and infertility. It can also boost the self esteem, so if you have any problem with your sexual life, this massage can help to solve them. You become more confident with yourself and relaxed.

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Happy ending or lingham massage? There is a really important difference!

Happy ending or happy finish

It’s a well known ending of a sex massage. The masseuse rub your penis and testicles, and its goal to reach the orgasm. It’s really simple, and it doesn’t need a lot of technique to aim this goal. Of course, the orgasmic feeling can develop the level of the endorphine hormone in your body, that is also really good, but it does not have any therapeutic effect.

To sum up, the main difference is between lingham massage and happy ending is the goal. Happy ending is just can be a part of the whole massage, but lingham massage is a type of erotic massage. In lingam massage the masseuse use special tantric techniques to release the stress from the body and to prevent genital problems.

Body to body massage

Body to body massage or slippery massage is a really creative erotic massage. The erotic masseuses use oil, to create the proper atmosphere for this special massage. Let’s see, what you need to know about it!

Body to body massage

Why is it called also slippery massage? Because the masseuses use special erotic massage oils. They cover their whole body with it, and they also do the same with the guest body. The oil is needed, because that makes the skin surface really slippery. After the application, the masseuse lie on your body, and gently move up and down. They give you a massage not only with their hands, but with their breasts, bottom, belly and legs.

The erotic masseuses can use this special technique on every part of the guests body. They can also slip on the patient face, belly, around the genital area and also on the back and bottom. It’s really playful and exciting experiment at the same time.

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Body to body massage is also called slippery massage.

Nuru massage and slippery massage

Nuru massage is also a type of slippery massage. The main difference is just the massage oil. Nuru gel is the most slippery oil in the world, that is why the masseuses can make use the extreme slippery surface for different and really gently moves.

Slippery massage is differ from any other erotic massage type. The erotic masseuses use their whole body, that can create a really intimate atmosphere. It can release the stress from the body, and increase the self confidence. Even though it can be really exciting, the masseuses won’t go for orgasmic pleasure. Nowadays we have forgotten, how important the intimacy in our life.

The special massage oils are aromatic, to relax the senses. It can also help to relax the whole body, that is why the guest can focus on the experiment. Sometimes you have to leave behind the regular, dull days to experience something new and unforgettable!

Things to do in Budapest

Is this you first time being in Budapest? This is the main city of Hungary, so you can imagine, how many places you can visit here! We recommend you some programs: if you choose them, this visit will be memorable!

Budapest partyhostess service

If you want to try out Budapest’s nightlife, a hostess can be your guide. Why? Because a beautiful girl will show you the best clubs in the city, they can be you company at restaurants, business meetings and sightseeings too.

Limousine service in Budapest

At least once in your life you have to try out limousine. With Limo King you can rent the perfect limousine (or even Cadillac or Hummer) for any occasion, business meeting, clubbing or even to use it as an airport transfer.

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Budapest is the main city of Hungary.

Live escape games

In Budapest you can find a lot of fun! During an escape game you have to solve riddles, and find out the way from the labirinth like place! It can be spooky but sometimes it is just an abandoned place. It’s a really fun experiment!

Ramada aquaworld resort

This is one of the biggest indoor aquaworld in Europe. It is included 11 monumental water slides, with waves and surf pools. You can release the stress from you body, if you visit its saunas or thermal baths.

Erotic Massage House Budapest

If you have visited and tried out everything, what we have recommended to you, it can be a really nice end of a day to go for an erotic massage in EroticMassage House. Beautiful and really skilled erotic masseuses are waiting for you, to give you an unforgettable massage-experience! Have you ever heard of slippery massage, nuru massage, tantra massage, lingam massage or yoni massage? There are a lot of erotic massage types, and it’s not so hard to find you favourite one. Be careful, it can cause addiction!

Erotic massage programs

Every massage houses have different erotic massage programs. I can be really useful, if you check the programs, so you know, which is the best for you!

Those are the erotic massage programs

In Erotic Massage House you can find a lot of programs. Your choice is depend on your personality and your needs.

There are different massage types. Lingham or lingam massage, nuru massage, slippery massage or body to body massage, yoni massage, prostate massage. Every masseuses have their own techniques.

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You can choose from four different erotic massage programs.

One or two masseuses

While you are concerning the programs, you have to know, that you can choose programs with one or with two masseuses.

With one erotic masseuse it is already a fantastic experience. Every masseuses in our massage house are available in this program. For example Elizabeth, who is a gorgeous woman with nice and beautiful face.

Of course, who doesn’t want to have a really good massage with two beautiful masseuses? If you want to try out the second program, you will be alone with two masseuses in the parlour. The perfect masseuses for this massage can be Evelin, who is absolute professional, with the hot and sweet Melody!

Furthermore, there are also massage programs for couples. You can come with your partner, or even with your friends and make an unforgettable memory together! One masseuse for a couple? Why not? Alexa has magic hand, to massage both of you!

But if you want to have your own, separated erotic masseuse, our forth program is the best for you and your company. You can also switch the masseuse with your partner if you want to try out the others technique. Colette and Betty are really wild, but sensual masseuses!

And if you want spice the experience, you can add special massage treatments, as nuru or slippery massage. During those erotic massages the masseuses use their whole body.

Massage nuru

Massage nuru is a special erotic massage type. This massage is really similar to slippery massage, the only thing, that is differ is the nuru gel. Why is it so special? Let’s see it!

Massage nuru relax your body

It is also a body to body massage. First of all the masseuse apply some special nuru gel on her body, and after that she put it on the guest body too. That oil is the most slippery oil in the world. The masseuse can gives you massage with her body on your legs, bottom, belly, but even around the genital area or on your face.

Special nuru oil

This slippery oil is used only during massage nuru, it is not just moisturizing your body, but during this massage it can release the stress from your body. Just imagine, that a really beautiful and cheerful woman slipping on you, covered with this extreme slippery gel. I really cannot imagine better program than this at the end of a stressful day.

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Massage nuru is a special body to body massage.

Massage nuru boosts the self-esteem

It can create a really intimate atmosphere, where you can feel yourself really excited. Of course, you won’t have any orgasmic experience there, but you will get more: your self-esteem. One, or even two gorgeous women can give you their full attention.

Even though it sounds like a sex massage, it is really far from it. First of all, this massage is about remediate the guests psychical problem. It is really a spiritual experience. And secondly, you won’t have any sexual pleasure during this massage. Of course, you can become really excited, but it is just only to increase you inner sexual energy. It is good to boost the self-esteem, and become more confident with yourself. You know: confidence is sexi! And so is the massage nuru.

Erotic massage for couple

Why is it recommend for couple to enjoy together an erotic massage for couple? We have collected the good points of the erotic massage for couple!

First: erotic massage can improve intimacy

Nobody can say the intimacy is not important in a relationship. No matter if the couple are together for long or just short time. For couples it can be always useful to have this erotic experiment together. Erotic massage can give you pleasure: why don’t you want to share this with your partner?

Second: erotic massage for couple is never ordinary

It is good if you can leave the dull, normal days behind, and let an erotic masseuse to ease the stress from your body. Erotic massages are not like the normal massages. They are more gently and sensual, that is why erotic massage can relax your body in a different way than any other massage types.

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Erotic massages for couple.

Third: erotic massage can bond the couple

It’s never too late to improve your relationship. Erotic massage is so special relaxation type, that it can strengthen the bond between the couple. Just enjoy together the feeling! And in the main time, enjoy the thought that your partner feels him or herself really comfortable and satisfied. To build up a really strong relationship, you have to build a trust between you and your partner. If you enjoy this together, you can be sure, that your sexual life can also step up in a higher level.

Erotic massages are not sex massages. Never ever mix them up, because it can make awkward moments. Erotic massages are for your senses and feelings, but they don’t give you real, sexual pleasure. Maybe after that, you go home with your partner and put in action your improved sexual energy: but it’s you business, what happen after an erotic massage. Of course, if you are shy, it’s not made for you. Just think it through.


If you think about massageerotic, what is the first thing, that  pop in your head? Just imagine that you have a partner, and she or he decide to visit an erotic massage salon. What will be your reaction? Is it cheating or not?

Why somebody wants to visit a massageerotic house?

It’s a question, that is easy to be answered. First of all the curiosity. Even if somebody has a partner, and he or she wants to spend the whole lifetime with him or her, the human curiosity can be really strong.

If you want to visit a erotic massage parlour, it won’t be a normal, regular experience. There are a lot of beautiful, kind and cheerful erotic masseuses, who would love to give you an unforgettable massage.

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What do you think: is it cheating or not, visiting a massageerotic house?

Luckily, in the best erotic massage house of Budapest there are also programs for couple – so if your partner don’t trust you, you can bring her or him with yourself. Why not trying out this really unique and erotic program together? If you are in the same room with your partner, you can both relax together, and your love will notice that erotic massage is not from the devil.

Erotic massage is not like sex massage. Of course, the erotic masseuses create intimate atmosphere, to bring your soul to a special place, and release the stress from you “human body”. They use sensual massage techniques, that are focusing on the slow, caressing touches. But also they use strong massage, that can remediate the pain from the muscles.

To sum up, a relationship is based on the trust in each other. If we don’t trust, then maybe we have to consider the whole bond between us and our partner!

Best massage in Budapest

Have you ever thought about visit a massage salon? If you want to experience the best massage, you are in the right place!

How can you find the best massage in Budapest?

There are a lot of parlours in Budapest. But the quantity doesn’t equal to quality. It’s really hard to find a place where the masseuses can do different techniques. At Massage House all the girls are able to use a lot of them.  Lets see it!

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Best massage in Budapest

Classic massage types

In our salon you can try out classic treatments. If you think about places where you want to try out erotic massages, maybe it’s not even pop in your mind that there you can also experience healing treatment. Maybe you can recall some of them: yumeiho, shiatsu and Swedish.

If you choose yumeiho, you could get to know a part from the 17th Japan. It was improved at that time, and a lot of masseuses use this traditional techniques. In yumeiho the therapeutist alternate deep, strong and soft touching types.

Shiatsu is a well known Japanese technique. With this technique therapeutists can reduce pain and also the swelling. It’s special, because they use their finger tips to press from the bottom to the top the patient backbone.

And Swedish type is what you can find almost everywhere in Europe. It’s also called “manager massage” because it can ease the stress from the body. The Swedish treatment concentrate around the shoulder and the neck, to slack the muscles.

Erotic options

Of course in Massage House you can find more erotic massages than classic ones, they are the following: sensual, slippery, nuru, lingam, yoni,  prostate, and tantra types. And also, if you don’t want to visit this place alone, you can invite your partner. Why? Because here you can enjoy any of the programs with your partner together, in the same room. 

That is why this our parlour is the greatest in Budapest!