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Let’s talk about what do we mean exactly by the word intimacy.

The simplest way to describe intimacy, the closeness of people in different relationships.

As time goes on in a relationship, this closeness — optimally, of course — will increase, but only if the parties care about each other. The time spent together becomes more and more comfortable.

We can also talk about emotional and physical closeness, or a mixture of those. However, it is important to clarify that intimacy is not the same as sex.

Of course, sex life can develop intimacy, but remember that there is sex without intimacy, and intimacy without sexuality.

On the other hand, intimacy is not to be interpreted exclusively in a romantic, male-female relationship. It can also be present in quite other types of human relationships, such as a friendship, parent-child relationship, siblings, and so on.

Close relationships can be close just because they involve intimacy.

Intimacy is interpreted by people in many ways.

Some people feel like they are close on a date with another, one is watching a movie together. The other side, on the other hand, waits for a walk after the film to hold their hands and feel the love. So the reason is that as many as we are, we experience a situation in so many different ways.

There are many factors that can affect who has the right quality of intimacy:

  • Way of socialization
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Interests
  • Communication style, etc.

It’s worth looking at different types of intimacy to figure out what intimacy means to us.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Emotional

    It is a closeness that allows us to tell personal things to each other. Things we wouldn’t share with anyone, just people in the right vicinity. If emotional intimacy works well between two people, they like to spend time together because they find it relaxing.
    They share thoughts with each other without the fear of judgment.

  2. Intellectual

    It is a closeness where the parties allow each other to learn how their minds work. It requires the sharing of ideas, exchanges of ideas and brainstorming together. So, for example, common philosophizing, deep conversations can serve as sure signs.

  3. Physical

    It means physical closeness in a relationship, this includes hugging, sexuality, kissing, handshaking. But as mentioned earlier, intimacy does not require fundamentally sexuality or romance. Embracing, kissing, and standing close to each other while communicating with our parents are also signs of physical intimacy. And the motives in a deep friendly relationship are similar.

  4. Experiential

    Spending quality time with someone forms experiential intimacy. This means spending time pleasantly with exploiting areas of common interest. You don’t have to think about complicate things. A good example is watching a series that both parties like together, or an enjoyable board game.

  5. Spiritual

    It can be shaped by a common approach to spirituality. If we also find harmony in our faith orientation, it can further deepen our closeness, on a spiritual level. What religion or belief is concerned is irrelevant in the present case. The common wavelength works independently.

The basic pillars of intimacy are:

  • Trust

    The ability to trust varies depending on previous traumas. Over the years, everyone is experiencing more and more trauma,  and this is influencing the development of confidential relationships.
    The fact is, however, that trust is needed to build an intimate relationship. If we trust someone, we are able to tell them about our fears, secrets, and desires. This expresses to the other party that we believe we are trustworthy, which helps him or her feel closer, and he or she is also able to open up.

  • Acceptance

    When you are aware that a person accepts you as you are, you can be sure that you are in an intimate relationship with each other. You are not ashamed of your musical tastes, your religious affiliation, your financial circumstances.

  • Honesty

    This is a key ingredient. Without honesty, there is no intimacy, since trust is a prerequisite for honesty. We can be honest only if we feel secure when we talk about our emotions.

  • Safety

    When we give our truest selves to the other and share our deepest feelings and thoughts. All this in emotional security because we are not afraid of judgment. At the beginning of a relationship, this obviously does not work yet, that’s not where the building of intimacy begins.

  • Sympathy

    Everyone feels good when the other cares and is empathetic to their life situation. Regular conversations with our siblings are important, for example, even when we live far apart. The constant interest in each other’s existence is a confirmation of care.

  • Love

    Your communication begins with a show of interest in each other. And interest is some form of attraction. This attraction does not necessarily have to be physically manifested. It can happen that a friend takes a day off to play sports together because he knows you want to lose weight.

  • Communication

    Proper communication helps build healthy relationships. When we listen to each other and tell each other our true feelings, it is possible to truly understand each other, bringing us even closer together.
    This, of course, takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Intimacy requires long work, perseverance, research, lowliness, and understanding.

It is a slow process where, although progress is continuous, it is often snail slow, other times spectacularly large steps can be taken. Yet it is worth the energy invested, because without it, human relationships are worthless.

There are many who are afraid of intimacy are actually afraid of disappointment.

Because in the recent or distant past, someone else has disappointed them and they don’t want to get hurt again.
This is, of course, a misbehavior, and consciously living people will recognize this sooner or later. Then they have the opportunity to change their attitude and look openly to the future.

It may happen that someone avoids social contacts for reasons unknown to themselves, withdrawing from joint programs.

These individuals often have low levels of self-esteem, have sexual problems, and have difficulty forming new relationships. They are advised to work with a therapist to help uncover and then unblock the blocks.

Our mental health is largely determined by the quality and quantity of intimacy present in our lives.

Our relationship with our close relatives, our relationship with our friends, and last but not least, the quality of our relationship greatly affects our well-being.
Even if we don’t have a relationship, our other human relationships can alleviate a sense of loneliness.

Here it is definitely worth mentioning the importance of our intimate relationship with ourselves.

In fact, when we are well with ourselves, we cannot feel loneliness, lack of feeling, or frustration simply because we are not living in a relationship.
In addition, of course, we do need our loved ones and nurture the relationships that are important to us. By the way, it is very good to experience our emotions if we can express them with a hug, a touch. This is when a lot of energy is released, as well as through laughter.

If we are already on the energies, let’s also look at the impact of intimacy on health.

It is an immune booster , antihypertensive, reduces the risk of heart disease and it is also the key to our mental health.

Anyone who has a hard time opening up to new people should definitely tell to the partner about it. This is a great help to him or her, because from now on he knows how to relate to the loved one. If there is confidence between the parties, they can talk about the exact reason of the fear.

And the next step is to express what the partie need from the partner to feel safe. Many times this does not go by itself, but requires the help of a professional. But let no one back away from this, there are countless therapeutic methods that can help to detect and process traumas in a personalized way.

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Hungarian Goddess

Our article today is about the experiences of a kind reader who told about his first erotic experience in Budapest. At our request, he shared the most intimate details with us …

“So I celebrated my 25th birthday that time, we had a huge party with my family and friends. I invited almost every friends, as our house on the Spanish coast with the garden was large enough to accommodate even a smaller festival. Here I met the fabulous Linda, the Hungarian goddess to whom I owe this story.

The meeting

Well, Linda was a very attractive phenomenon. Her height was already noteworthy, as she even wore high-heeled shoes for her 173 centimeters. Her long thighs flashed from her slit summer dress … her shiny, brown skin and long, wavy, dark brown hair gave her a rather exotic look. Everything was natural on her, her slender build associated with tiny breasts and round buttocks.

Hearing her voice, I almost fell in love: it was a sexy hoarse, yet soft voice. Her words sounded firmly as we introduced ourselves to each other and mingled in conversation. Intelligence and sensuality flowed from her eyes.

Linda told me that she lives in Budapest in a flat with her girlfriend, meditates a lot, does yoga, eats healthily, and physical and mental harmony is important to her.

We had plenty of common ground, so we spent a surprising amount of time together during the evening and just told us about ourselves. The attraction between the two of us was very clear, so at the end of the party I asked for her phone number and promised her I will call her.

The Present

Se traveled back home the next day, and I was very busy the next few days. Then a friend of mine called, apologized for not being able to be there on my birthday party. He then announced that his gift was a weekend in Budapest with a small group of friends, 2 weeks later. I straight away said yes and looked up Linda’s number.

She received my call came as a pleasant surprise, not a secret of joy. I told her about the trip to Budapest, and she immediately started talking about the meeting. She invited me to her, and I was happy to say yes.

The company was planned the programs, but only this girl was on my mind. On arrival, I actually hung out from the company and programs. I took a taxi and went to the address at 8 p.m.

Seeing each other again

I was standing at the gate of a pretty garden house in the outer district when Linda showed up at the door of the house. She came to the gate jogging and then opened it so she could hug me tightly. The air sparkled between us. She was extremely beautiful again. I felt expensive perfume evaporated hotly from her neck … I shivered.

The house was tastefully and stylishly furnished, with restrained colors, natural materials, lots of plants, mood lighting. The roommate, of course, was not at home 🙂

We had dinner, tasted Hungarian wines, and since it was very late, I began to be unsure about the girl’s intentions.

Dating with intimacy

Then she suddenly got up from the table. She slid both straps of her dress off her shoulders so that it could easily slide down her graceful body, all the way to her ankles. She was just wearing tiny panties. She continued to smile at me as she walked toward the bedroom, and I followed.

While I was undressing, she lit candles, then we sat down on the invitingly soft four-poster bed, facing each other. She took both my hands and said just trust in her and she guarantees that I will have an unforgettable experience. So how could I say no to a Goddess like she?! I did what she asked.

We started meditating in the posture just described. We closed our eyes and focused only on our breathing. We could feel each other’s energies.

She slowly stroked my shoulders, my back with her hands, and I imitated her. The energies began to change between us, but we were in no hurry with anything at all, we enjoyed the feeling. Then Linda asked me to lie on my stomach.

After a short stroke, I felt warm oil dripping down my back, then her two breasts as she used it to spread it over me. She slid in all directions on my body, involving the other parts of my body as well. It was a rare pleasant pleasure for me. I wanted to turn around and reciprocate her touches, but she instructed me to be passive, so I stayed in my place.

She pressed my whole body with her hands and forearms. She seemed to be proficient in anatomy … I trusted her, I did not think for she might hurt me because she was doing something wrong. (Luckily, it really didn’t even happen.)

Every move went very well, I wished, though, that this intimate therapy would last forever 😀 But like everything, it’s over – in about 1 hour. I was completely relaxed, I felt happy with each and every one of my cells. My therapist lay next to me and allowed me to reciprocate the pampering, finally 🙂 I didn’t miss any of her beautiful cartilage.

I spent a long time, for example, at her tense back and neck, which she greatly appreciated. After I was done with my soles, I sat up and we automatically picked up our starting posture: sitting opposite each other, we grabbed each other’s hands. And we started meditating again, watching our breathing. We breathed in and out at the same time.

Linda and I were so close to each other that I couldn’t have imagined a few hours ago. I felt a bond and harmony between the two of us.

What happened between us?

This evening, I think, was not sexual, but rather an intimate, relaxing encounter. Or a tantric healing. Hell, you don’t know exactly what happened that night. But our souls must have come together, and — though I don’t want to use too big words, yet — perhaps it was a karmic encounter for the two of us.At the time, I couldn’t describe my feelings in words at all. It’s a lot easier in retrospect, since I’ve been more experienced on the subject ever since.

By the way, for 15 years now, I have never seen Linda again, unfortunately. We said goodbye the next morning, and that’s it. After our meeting, I searched her in vain, she did not answer my calls or messages. However, I clearly remember every minute I spent with her, and it functioned as a springboard for the rest.

In the wake of new experiences

Although she didn’t talk about it, I’m sure I was dealing with a professional, professional woman. And I say this because, for lack of a better one, I set out to have more similar experiences without her, which was not easy.

I can say that what I have experienced with her is above average. After such a brief acquaintance, I had no share of this level of tantric experience with anyone else. Yet I have experimented with a lot of women with similar interests on the subject. Including countless pros who have reached all the way to the instructor level. (That’s why I dared to mention the karmic encounter …)

Linda presumably didn’t work as a secretary, as she said. I have not detailed the furnishings of your apartment above. On the one hand, I didn’t want to shoot the story, and on the other hand, when I was with her, it didn’t occur to me either (although it could have appeared, I was just concentrating on something else). Well, in a separate room there was a massage bed and a tatami with an oriental design.

When the picture came together afterwards, I didn’t expect much, I wanted to go through what I managed with her over and over again. She made me love tantra … an almost foreign goddess. ”

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Healing seance for couples

Budapest has many attractions for those who come here. Repository of historical sites, castles and ruins, churches. This beautiful european city is a cultural center, full of theaters and event centers, also the summer tourists can visit many festivals.

For the open minded visitors who come with their love and want to relax, it is recommended to discover the high quality massage salons and try a professional erotic massage.

This is one of the best way of relaxation, and you can try that at Massage House. For lovers as a tourist, a tantra massage in Budapest can be an excellent program. Also slippery massage is one of the most exciting and erotic types of massage. Beneficial for the body and soul like all types of massage.

Every relationship can be supported by those erotic, intimate programs. It’s worth learning the tricks at the professional places, so we can practice this sensual seance later in our home as well.

sensual seance for couples

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more important these days. Unfortunately, many environmental factors adversely affect our well-being. Therefore, there is an increasing emphasis on maintaining health.
Sport, conscious nutrition, meditation, enough sleep, maintaining healthy human relationships. The listed things are connected to the sustainability of a healthy balance.

Physical and mental balance has fortunately received increasing attention in recent years. Hopefully this will only increase.

Tantric massage has become widespread in almost every culture.

It is a recognized technique for treating sexual energies.
Massage itself is a magical, healing activity. If we do all this with our partner, it will obviously have a constructive effect on the relationship as well. A little extra is good even for the best relationship. Therefore, it is recommended for everyone to perform a tantra massage.

Let’s see what are the basic conditions of the tantra massage when we do it at home.

  1. Select the correct time. This is very important so that neither party has to hurry, so they can start the program in a relaxed state of mind.
  2. Switch off the phones! There is nothing more uncomfortable than hearing the phone rings in the middle of a meditative state … We definitely have to prevent this!
  3. Ensure the right temperature! This is individual dependent, of course, but roughly 26 degrees is usually adequate. But everyone can adapt to their own needs.
  4. Fix the lights. It is not only important to resolve any inhibitions. But also because the atmosphere in the room can be much more intimate if we do not illuminate it with a reflector, but use a dimmer, smaller light source that only hints at the details of the room. We can even light candles to make the atmosphere more erotic.
  5. Scents for real rapture. Before starting the massage, do a thorough ventilation. Then close the windows to adjust the temperature and to reduce any noise from outside. After that we can light incense if the room is not too small. We can also scented with a scented candle. But a very good solution for essential oil evaporation is also, perhaps, the healthiest and most pleasant solution.Once we have prepared everything, the tantra can begin. Beginners are advised to learn first from a professional tantra masseuse. Learn the tantra massage in Budapest at Massage House, so that everything goes smoothly at home.

The healer procedures we can have an explicitly well-known effect on the human body, it would be relevant for everyone to spend time on it, and therefore money. Pleasant with the useful – it fits very well for a massage.

Men often prefer massages with erotic content. They love to be pampered by a sexy, feminine-looking qualified lady by kneading their body.

Of course, there are more and more ladies who like to try some erotic massage program. But still much more men in erotic massage salons than women.

Within the sensual treatment types, a slippery massage is very popular. It’s easy to see why.

Using the this oily technique, the guest is completely naked, and the therapist wears A only a small panties.
This might be weird for those who never got a massage in this way. But here is the logical explanation: if she would wear more clothes, she would not be able to perform the movements of a slippery massage.

The essence of this slippy cure is that a masseuse slides on the body of a guest. This means, more precisely, that a she uses almost her entire body for the movements. So not just one’s hands, arms, occasionally her feet.
It follows that a she has to apply oil not only her guest’s full body, but on her own body too. Therefore she can not wear any dress.

Within the slippery massage we can distinguish 2 types:
1. oily
2. nuru gel

The movements of the oily B2B massage can sometimes be more intense, as the whole body is used by the masseuse, so sometimes it weighs on the guest with more of her body weight.
But this massage can be performed only with the buttocks or only with the breasts, as the finer touches can only be performed in this way.

The nuru gel of Japanese origin appeared on the Hungarian market only a few years ago. The reason for its popularity is clear: it is easy to wash off because it is water based. Colorless and odorless, chemical-free, so non-irritating. It can also end up on mucous membranes, as it is an edible substance, its main aggregate being an algal variety.

Whatever material is selected, an excellent effect can be achieved with the slippery massage. You should try both.

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What is sensual massage?

Clarifying the meaning of sensual massage is probably best done at the beginning of this article.


massage sensual

What makes a massage sensual? Why do anyone choose a sensual massage at all? Is it normal to visit an erotic masseuse?

Well, the questions above might make some people thinking. If someone has no experience regarding the quality erotic massage, won’t know the answers. You have to enjoy the erotic massage programs to see the essence of it. 

Are you scared, or maybe just shy? Then just ask some friends of you, who is more expert than you are. It can be easier to talk about it with someone, who you trust. And maybe that friend can suggest to you an expert masseuse, so you will know straight away where to start.

And now, if you think you don’t even have any friend with this kind of interest….. trust me, you are wrong. Let me explain to you, why. 

Everybody is interested for erotica. Most of the people are even practicing how to smuggle some of it in the weekdays. And erotic massage is the most common way for that. At least in Hungary, for singles. Some people are buying erotic magazines, but it not too trendy anymore. 

If you ever been in a good erotic parlour, you definitely will has an idea. Any way, opinions might be different. But there is some agreement that people are not thinking about a painful massage consisting of vigorous movements.

We can mention any massage, it is always aimed at eliminating tension and energy blocks in the body. Therefore the best way we can treat our problem is working with energies. What kind of energies…. let see. 

Is the massage type focuses on sexual energies? Yes! So we can talk about erotic massage.

As with any massage, erotic massage plays an important role in creating a relaxed state. The receiving party has to be relaxed. Why? Because this way he/she can more likely unlock those specific energy blocks. 

Erotic massage can be perfumed with scents. For example, a fine scented massage oil or incense. An oil with the scent of cinnamon, orange or geranium can makes wonders with our body.

However, you should take care of the incense, because when it used indoors, there is a chance that we will feel the smell too much. Less is more, right?

But actually anything can be great, what possibly helps us to get into a real relaxed state. Soft and sexy music, low – key lights, silky bedsheet.
But someone likes to do meditation before the massage. It might sounds a bit particular, considering that massage is a kind of meditation too…

Sensual massage is usually made up of fine movements, alternating touch techniques. Intimate massage is perfectly suited to the subject, which is why lingam or yoni massage is often can be a part of the sensual massage.

In the most salons in Budapest you will not find male masseures. It means that female masseuses makes the yoni massage too. Is it whimsical to you? Just imagine, how much a women is able to understand, what you feel when she touches you. 

It is advisable to combine the two, as the sensual treatment of gentle movements is sufficient preparation for intimate massages.

It can be a good idea to add body to body massage to our erotic massage.

The so-called slippery massage can be done with a regular massage oil. The well – known technique is very popular, and the reason is simple. If someone chose to be treated by a sensual masseuse with slippery massage, than usually the masseuse is pretty and sexy. She uses her whole body for the massage, so the treated party can feel her tits and butt as well. That is an erotic program for real! 

If you know well enough that kind of treatment, you still have something to try in this matter. The Japanese, algae and water-based nuru gel. This is the most wonderfully slippery substance that can be used for this type of activity. Nuru gel has become well-known and popular in those countries, where erotic massage has a culture. In Hungary you can find it probably only in the largest parlours of Budapest, so as in Massage House. 

Of course, pleasant music that suits our tastes, the subtle warm temperatures, and the clean, hygienic environment are also very important factors. All those are provided in the high – level salons. 

So these are the most important elements of erotic massage. Whether done at home or in a professional massage salon, this type of massage can be the perfect relaxation for anyone. 

If you feel tired, spent, nervous, enervate… just come for a massage, and enjoy the healing effects of the different treatments. Our stuff will help you to find the most suitable for your problem. 

You have no problem? 

That sounds awesome! Do not forget, that massage can work as a preventive curing in the case of any kind of disease you inclined to. So be generous with yourself and bath yourself in the healthy, pampering treatments! Yes, you do deserve it! It is much better to spend some time and money now for a special relaxation, than spend money later for medicines! 

Are you curious? Stop hesitate! 

You have the chance to try the abovementioned programs in  a splendid, professional and exclusive massage salon. Massage House is the greatest place you can enjoy your favorite sensual recreation. Just choose the program you are interested for, and the masseuse, you would like to receive the treatment from. 

You can find us in a frequented area of Budapest, close to Nyugati Station. Please do not forget to call us or send an e-mail before your arrival, so we can make your appointment.

If you check the website of Massage House, you will find all the information, you might need to make your decision. If you would still have any kind of question, please contact our reception, so we can inform and help you. We hope to welcome you at us in the near future! 

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Massage Creams

A good massage cream is always a part of a perfect massage.

Before going into the theme of massage creams and oils, I would like to emphasize that moisturise and nourish skin is not just about creams. Keep in mind that using different types of body lotions does not replace the right amount of fluid, especially water.

Various oils, serums and massage creams are important accessories in body care.

Moisturizing our skin is very important, because of the sunshine in the summer time and thus the UV rays, and the lower temperatures in the winter can make our skin feel stressed and dry.

Of course, internal hydration is just as important as outside care.

The average daily water consumption of an adult is between three and four liters to maintain a healthy state. Of course, this can change as a result of changes in body weight, age, health or external environmental factors.

During the daily “body care” routine most of the time we just use a couple of doses of cream: little bit to the arms, than some to the legs… and that’s it. So the bigger part of our body surface is being skipped.

But even if we don’t skip any parts of our body, than we gotta dress up quickly, cause we gotta go to work etc…

What ther result will be is that the cream will be sticked to the chlotes… But there are also creams that require a more thorough massage for absorption.

Massage is a wonderful, pampering way of external hydration.

During a more extensive massage, a larger amount of moisturizing oil, cream, serum can be applied to the skin. Thank’s for the massage, it can absorb.

Massage is thus an excellent health preserving method from the aspect of skin hydratation.

It is advisable to use more natural oils, which we do not wash off for a few hours after the massage.

We only need to look around the drugstore shelves for a more advanced massage cream, as there is a wide selection. So if you look around a bit, you will almost certainly find the right product for your skin type.

Of course, a little knowledge of massage is can helps to make the massage itself a nice experience. It is learnable, you have to practice at home with each other.

And of course, it is good to pamper yourself in a professional salon as well, just by yourself or in with your partner, while sneaking a few technics for later, home …

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Man and erotic massage

Man and massage... great couple
Man love to receive erotic or simple massage.

When the topic of erotic massage arise, the vast majority of women disapprove the behavior of man and consider them pathetic. Instead they should begin to discover what erotic massage can give for the ladies as well!

In our previous post we deatailed the yoni massage’s effects, so if you are interested for it, just just click here!

However, why not go to erotic massage salons?

Well, man and erotic massage are standing quiet close to each other.

The erotic massage from the male point of view seems different. Most man simply go to the masseuse for a tension relief. We can say, that managers are generally suffering from back pain. Massage is one of the best therapy for…

But why should we go to an EROTIC masseuse? – Women would growl at such a conversation.

Dear Ladies! Because every man desires kindness. And a professional erotic masseuse knows how to be very nice even with a new customer, who is a stranger actually. That’s a part of her job: the massage is sensual and kindness is part of the sensuality.

Don’t forget to mention the healing effects of massage.

A hearty massage soothes, both physically and physically, relieves stress and refreshes. There are many types of massage techniques, and erotic salons usually use a mix of different types of massage. As a result, guests leave relaxed and stressless after the program.

And for man with erectile dysfunction, it’s not a question why erotic massage is the choice: they also have a cure for their intimate problems!

In fact, lingam massage has been shown to have a beneficial effect on a variety of sexual dysfunction.

Massage House offers qualified, professional masseuses, for man and women who look for relax and heal. It makes no sense to think it is something wrong: better if you think in a new way: health maintenance is part of the daily lives of conscious people. Pleasant with the useful … they usually say.

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Massage for women

Why woman should go for an erotic massage?

Many people ask that question, but the answer is very simple: the reason is exactly the same as in the case of a man: women want to relax and indulge.

Special erotic massage for women

Erotic massage helps women to relax as well as for a man.

But are massage parlors prepared for ladies’ needs?

Well, some parlours are, some of them are not. Better to get some info, before we choose a parlour. There are salons where masseuses has no yoni massage knowledge. They think, much more man visit erotic parlours, than women. That’s true… Most women experience the erotic massage as a part of a couple, so they enjoy relaxing treatments in a couple massage program.

There are also braver ones, who visit an erotic massage program alone. In both cases, it is necessary for the masseuse to have Yoni massage knowledge. The yoni (female genital Sanskrit name, meaning: holy temple) massage is the massage for women: has a therapeutic effect as intimate massage as the lingam (male genital Sanskrit name) massage.

When a masseuse gives a lady an erotic massage, she works very slowly and softly. After she finished a full body massage,  begin to give the intimate massage in a state of perfect relaxation.

Wonderful results can also be achieved in the case of women with intimate massage from Eastern traditions. It has proven to be an excellent way to combat frigidity and other sexual disorders.

Of course, in many cases, psychotherapy can be recommended in parallel.

But no miracle can be expected from a single treatment. Usually it takes several months to get the treatment done, but it is worth it. Knowing and learning about our own body is a milestone in every woman’s life. This is where yoni massage helps, so it is worth and it is advisable to give a chance.

Massage House works with several professional masseuses who have deep experience in yoni massage. Book an appointment and get to know your body!

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Massage together: the perfect gift

If you haven’t tried it, let’s find a suitable person for this massage quickly, because it’s not worth missing out. However, if you are having a massage together at home, it is best to do this wonderful, refreshing massage with your partner. After all, it is an intimate massage that plays with the senses. Whether at home or at a massage salon, a couple massage can be an unforgettable experience.

Couple massage in your home

Massage together for Birthday or Christmas


If you want to experience a massage together with your partner in your apartment, the advantage of the location might be less inhibition on the home course.

 But this is not the case for everyone. If you have enough massage experience anyway, why not to start pampering each other at home. The movements are almost self-perpetuating. One follows from the other. Massage therapy can be a tantric experience if both parties are relaxed and tuned properly.


Couple massage at a professional massage salon


However, if you were about to choose a salon with your partner, there would be several options to choose from.


The massage technique is less sensual than giving it to each other, it does not need to be explained. Usually Swedish or Japanese, or a mixture of both, is used by masseuses during massage programs. Unless you specifically choose a place where other special types of massage are performed.


After choosing a salon, in most cases, you also decide to have one or two masseuses. If one masseuse is requested, the program will be explicitly interactive. It will teach you how to get to each other, it will show you treats that you can practice together.

If two masseuses are requested for the program, then relaxation will be more emphasized. You will be massaged separately, of course, in a massage room next to each other. It is less interactive, but more relaxing. And the shared experience will remain for a long time for both of you.


Massage as a gift


Couple massage can be a perfect gift for almost any occasion. Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Women’s Day, Anniversary … If you plan to make it at home, you can easily create a spa atmosphere with a few small decorations.


For example, place a nicely rolled or folded towel on the bed where you will be massaging. Light a few candles around the bed, of course, securely placed. Turn off the bright lights and turn on some soft music. And of course, do not forget about massage oils: use natural oils as much as possible. Coconut or almond oil are perfect for this purpose.


If you choose the massage salon version you will obviously not need these operations. The salons are filled with music, lights, fresh towels and fragrant oils.


So making the decision is your job… If you would like to purchase a gift voucher to Massage House, please use the link below:

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Professional masseuse in Budapest

Visitors of Budapest and locals suffer from the abundance of masseuses. There are a lot of people working in this profession in Hungary, so it is slightly diluted, of course. Finding a professional masseuse in Budapest is not that easy.


Well, because some types of massage can be practice without qualifications. Many masseuses try to attract guests using their exteriors only. This kind of attitude, as a  long term strategy, will not ensure for this masseuses fixed guest.

If you are looking for a massage, you will not be satisfied if the girl is beautiful, but has no idea about the technics. After all, a sore muscle won’t get better if she don’t know how to touch it. There are so many qualification option masseuses can orientated… a real massage therapist knows many different kind of massage types. 

So expertise is important. Those who study massage will be able to do their job safely. By having anatomical knowledge, they will know which part of the body to touch and how.

And by mastering , you can further deepen your massage knowledge.

Thus, a professional masseuse is skilled in anatomy and is familiar with at least one, but rather more, massage techniques.

massage techniques

What else can be important besides technics, for a masseuse in Budapest?

Of course, it is important to be able to communicate well with the guests, as a pleasant massage experience is a must. Some people even like to talk while having a massage. But those who prefer quietly relaxing or refreshing their bodies, are also would like to be nicely welcomed.

All Massage House masseuses are skilled, experienced, selectively guest-centric colleagues. These factors are a basic requirement in this salon.

This is probably why it is very popular with other salons in the queue. It is a professionally prepared place for welcoming both Hungarian and foreign guests. It is located not far from the city center and close to the Western Railway Station.

Here guests’ comfort, tranquility, relaxation and refreshment are paramount, so everyone leaves satisfied and returns soon …

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Even to the most experienced traveler, the beforementioned question can be a hassle if you are here for the first time and therefore you are guessing where is the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest. Therefore, this post is for you, dear visitor, if you are new in this town and want to receive a great massage.

Budapest is a real cosmopolis. If you have never been to this beautiful and special historic city, you should definitely visit it once. And if you already know the Hungarian capital, your heart will pull you back sooner or later.

best erotic massage salon
Cosy atmosphere, nice fragrance at the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest

Why? I can tell you a few reasons: colorful and high-quality gastronomy, as Hungarian kitchen is more than wine and paprika.
Others will be captured by the streets, as the city center is full of beautiful historic buildings, most of them would require renovation, still they provide a wonderful reminder of past times and old architectural styles. The city’s cultural and entertainment facilities also attract more and more tourists.

Let’s not forget about the beautiful Hungarian girls.
Well, dear reader, there are many beautiful, professionally qualified ladies who offer their services. But it does matter which masseuse or what salon you choose, if you are looking for a quality service.

When you are looking for the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest, please list your considerations. If you go for an erotic massage, beauty will be at the first place, when you choose a masseuse. This is fine, of course it is important to receive the massage from a beautiful girl, but her technical knowledge is at least as important, since you are going to massage it.

A clean, demanding environment and a well-designed atmosphere are also important. The guest orientation of the place can also be an aspect and the accessibility is not negligible.

I asked some friends and acquaintances what criterias they would use to decide if they would go to an erotic massage salon. Soon most of them tried a few erotic massage salon in Budapest and scored them.

Our salon has done an outstanding job.


All the masseuses in Massage House are qualified and professional. And since beauty can be a basic aspect, here I would mention that each of our masseuses are beautiful, even if they are different characters. That’s why it’s easy to find the one you like.

Clean, demanding environment, atmosphere:

Everything from the staircase kept nice and clean. The management paid special attention to the design of the rooms. Therefore it is guaranteed that some of them will catch you, no matter which one you choose. The bathrooms are hygienic and well equipped. Each room is equipped with fresh slippers and towels.

Guest orientation:

At the cosy and elegant reception are working lovely and attentive ladies. All guests are fully informed about the programs they interested for. They are offered refreshing drinks while being escorted to the waiting room, where their masseuse will arrive in a few minutes.

Management never ignores customer feedback, but always pays attention to it. This is important for the development of the salon and thus for the satisfaction of the guests.


Massage House is approximately five minutes from Western Railway Station. So it’s not in the heart of downtown: the location is more discreet, but still easy to reach.

The building itself is a smooth residential building, without a mark “Erotic Massage Salon”. This way anyone can walk in without any unpleasant glances. The 6th floor is conveniently accessible by elevator. Here you will find yourself at the reception from where you will be guided by your massage therapist.

Massage House is without a doubt the most exclusive salon in Budapest. If you don’t believe it, check it out! There are other erotic massage salons in Budapest, it is also worth trying other places for comparison.

Even if you choose to do so, we hope that you will visit us soon.