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Nuru gel or massage oil?

As everyone probably knows, massage can be done with a wide variety of materials. A few people think that professional massage alone is enough. It is also a key factor in what we choose to do, both in terms of quality and to create an authentic atmosphere and achieve the desired effect. One of the most excellent material used for massage , nuru gel has already conquered Hungary.

For example, if you go for a fat-burning massage, you can most likely expect a capsaicin-containing cream, after all, it is one if not the most effective ingredient in an ointment when it comes to fat burning.

We can find innumerable oils (orange, sandalwood, lemongrass, raspberry or apple), various ointments and special body lotions can be used, but even lava stones, honey and herbs can be used in the process. Of course, the type of massage does not matter, after all, in many cases only one, at most two substances are used for a given type of massage.

But this does not apply to every variant. However, whatever we are talking about, it is extremely important that the material used ensures unhindered movement, which is why many consider traditional massage oil to be the most practical tool, which is probably the most popular. At least in Hungary for sure.

But is there a substance that can be even more slippery, more effective, and even more interesting than oil?

There is such a thing, although it is a lesser-known type of gel in Hungary, which is the nuru gel.

The word “nuru” itself could be translated roughly as “smooth” or “slippery”. It is a Japanese invention (Kawasaki in particular), which indicates both the type of massage (which is the same as a slippery / body-to-body massage) and the material used in the process. It has been used worldwide for over 25 years.

Nuru gel is not oil-based but water-based. This makes it easier to wash (lukewarm water and a dry towel would be enough) and leaves no stains. This means that if you might spill into an unwanted place, you just have to wait a bit and it will evaporate on its own.

Many people suffer from some kind of skin disease, skin irritation, thanks to which various oils or creams are out of the question during a massage. There are some people that are unable to visit a massage parlor because there are no “safe” creams available to them.

Nuru gel, on the other hand, unlike most oils or creams, is 98% natural, does not contain any chemicals or preservatives, so it does not pose a risk to any skin type, its pH is neutral. (Plus, it hydrates, resulting healthy skin.)

However, the question may arise as to why this gel is only 98% natural then. What does the remaining two percent contain?

Well, the reason for this is that under EU packaging / labeling laws it is quasi-impossible to indicate 100% purity for a cosmetic product. The regulation states that all ingredients must be given in the format “INCI” (International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient), which may include natural ingredients that have a chemical name.

Although many people like the different aromas that characterize normal oils, it is a difficult task to find out who is affected by a fragrance, who wants to feel what is on their skin. And if that weren’t enough, the popularity of massage oils will also result in the continued proliferation of cheaper, less quality products, laymen, but often even experts, are often unable to distinguish quality products from shoddy crap.

In the case of nuru gel, such a problem should not arise. This is because not only colorless but odorless material is guaranteed to leave no marks on the skin or even on fabrics (such as clothes, sheets, etc.). If, of course, it is important for someone that the material used is not only slippery, but also has a pleasant smell, then nuru gel may not be the most favorable, but it will definitely be a better choice than other options in terms of certain convenience and quality.

Nuru gel can be used in many ways. In many places, including our salon, it is considered an alternative means of slippery massage, which has also been mentioned in connection with the origin of the word nuru.

But what is the slippery massage?

During to the slippery massage, or body-to-body massage, the masseur or masseuse uses not only his hands but also other parts of the body, in other words, the whole body (torso, buttocks, arms, legs, abdomen, etc.).

The used material is particularly cardinal in this intimate, erotic experience, and nuru gel can be an excellent alternative in this regard as well.

The gel is usually used preheated, but there are no special rules for this, only our imagination can set a limit. For home use, this liquid mass can be diluted to our own taste (beyond the recommended density ratios), and cold as well as hot water can be used for the desired temperature. (Alternatively, the resulting mass can be heated in a microwave oven to any temperature by filling it into a smaller bowl.)

What else is nuru gel good for?

Nuru gel is not only accessible through salons or spa outings. You can even try it in your own home, in any way you want. In addition to massage, it can also be perfect as a lubricant, after all, due to its safe, natural composition and cleanliness, it does not pose a danger to the vaginal epithelium. For this reason, it may even offer a solution to sexual problems (for example, painful coexistence, vaginal dryness, inappropriate foreplay).

But due to the skin-friendly nature of nuru gel, it can even replace various body lotions. Whatever the composition of the ointment, you have to wait a long time for it to dry, making it difficult to use it in everyday life, such as at work or before training. So this water-based material can also be a great option to achieve adequate hydration, as it is absorbed extremely quickly and has no unpleasant after-effects.

In summary, nuru gel can be recommended to anyone. In terms of professional fields, it can be a great raw material for countless people, from masseurs to artificial nail builders. It can help those who are more sensitive to different ointments and need to pay much more attention to it as they hydrate their bodies. Or those who simply want to make their skin softer, silkier.

In addition to detoxification and cleansing, it may be suitable for removing cellulite or treating connective tissue weakness, regenerating tissues after pregnancy. It can serve as an instrument of an interesting, new and refreshing experience in the sexual realm, even for the pleasure of ourselves.

Thus, due to the diverse range of uses, it may be worthwhile for anyone to try their luck with this gel at least once. It is important to expand our knowledge and interests in any area of ​​life, and if we have the opportunity to try out such an exciting, healthy and high-quality achievement, why not live with it?

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Sensual massage tips

Would you like to enchant your partner with a special, unforgettable pampering, but you don’t know how to get started? What are the essential components when it comes to a good sensual massage? By following our sensual massage tips, you can give your sweetheart the satisfying experience that they deserve after a long day.

The history of sensual massage

The beginnings of sensual massage can be dated to the 1960s. It originated in California, where hippie movements of the time played an important role in its formation. The extremely popular massage form in the cultural trends of the era was promoted by Molly Day and Bernard Gunther at the Esalen Institute. At the beginning, it was only practiced in a narrow circle, but later spread to all parts of the world.

Positive effects

The positive effects of sensual massage have been widely reported. For this type of massage, harmony between the two person is essential. For the most complete experience, intense attunement and trust is required from both the masseuse and the receiver. As a result, sensual massage wonderfully builds relationships, deepens intimacy, and helps build and strengthen trust between the two parties.

It also has beneficial health effects especially on the area of sexual problems. It alleviates and over time even completely dissolves sexual barriers, blocks from the past. It can be a quick and effective solution to both ejaculation problems and in case of erectile complaints.


Sensual massage begins long before the massage. It’s important to pay attention to the details in creating the mood, helping for a truly sensual attunement.

  • When choosing music, it should fit the occasion, let it be slow and cozy. Our goal with it is to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, speaking softly from the background.
  • The room where the massage takes place should should be pleasant room temperature so that the reciever can pay all their attention on you, and not on freezing.
  • Avoid strong lights, the main focus is on the creative world of mood lighting. Semi-darkness, mysterious shadows, candlesticks, candles, and some not very strong colored lights on choice all help to tune in. The room and its surroundings should be pleasantly intimate and calm, you can provide delicious scents with scented candles and incense.
  • When choosing a massage oil, strive for quality. We have already devoted a post to this topic previously, but the point is to choose a carrier that suits your purpose in terms of texture, composition and scent.
  • When the environment is ready, prepare yourself too. A sensual outfit, your favorite lace underwear, a new lingerie set, some swinging and lush outfit will surely dazzle your partner.

It’s recommended to take a shower first, than you can lay him clean in the place designated for the massage.
Once your partner is in place, change into a sensual set in another room. It is not enough to put on, you also have to wear the clothes. Be confident, sensual. Behave decisively, transcend into the role of the masseuse, gently take control of the receiver. During the massage, you necessarily need to pay maximum attention to your partner, to attune to them, so that your sweetheart can receive the most dazzling massage experience ever.

The massage

By creating the atmosphere, your partner is sufficiently relaxed, maximally calm and tuned to the experience that awaits him. You can find an example below on the practical part of sensual massage. I explain how these parts of the massage techniques add up to the perfect experience:

  • effleurage (sliding or gliding)
  • rubbing
  • kneading
  • shiatsu technique
  • vibration

During effleurage, apply the oil nicely on the body of the receiver with long, delicate, caressing movements. During the rubbing phase, you warm up the muscles, gently leading him to a deeper massage waiting for him. You can release the stuck muscles during kneading. Shiatsu is an acupressure massage technique from Japan. Move your fingers along the meridian lines of the body with definite pressure. With this technique, you can also eliminate long-lasting muscle and joint pain. The vibration provides a framework for the massage, with its help, the body pleasantly refreshes.

In the following, I introduce the sensual massage types also available in our salon, so that you can feel like having an exceptional team of a professional environment help you relax even being at home. Of course, if you wish to engage in a really fantastic professional experience, I recommend you trying one of the wonderful programs that our masseuses offer at least once.

Yoni massage

You can experience yoni massage alone, with a partner or with the help of a professional masseur. It helps to overcome emotional imbalances, sexual kind of blocks, and it is also a remedy when feeling a stagnation in our creativity. As negative experiences are being stored throughout our bodies, there can also be some blocks in our yoni. This form of massage helps to dissolve these barriers.

First, start the massage with soft gliding touches and smoothings. Watch the reactions of the receiver, tune in to their body. After some time, the finer strokes are to be replaced by stronger ones. With circling, you can draw circles on the body. This helps in releasing tension, previously stuck blocks. Pressing and pulling are more intense ways to pamper the body. Consistency and proper communication are also key during the rolling and rubbing phases. Tapping and vibrating can have different intensities and speeds.

It is important to be aware that there is no goal or deadline. Try and stay in the moment. It takes time, experimentation, attunement, intimacy to perform an in-home yoni massage, we hope we were able to help with some useful information.

Lingam massage

Like a yoni massage, it can be experienced, with or without our loved one, and also with the help of a qualified masseuse. Pleasantly caressing, soft strokes tune us in to enjoy the massage experience. They draw our attention to the present moment, closing out the reality of stressful everyday life. Consistency between the massage giver and the recipient is essential during lingam massage.

From the reactions, the masseuse senses what is pleasant or just painful for the partner’s body and makes the movements accordingly. Over time, a more powerful but still fine series of strokes can follow the initial warm-up. If desired, the soft and stronger sections can alternate. Smoothing downward or upward, circling movements, synchronous or alternating hands. Play, experiment, with whatever is best for you!

Slippery massage

During the slippery massage, you can use your whole body to massage, instead of only hands. Use your thighs, torso, butt, chest and the areas around your stomach. With your slippery oiled body, slide your partner’s body all the way, the sensual effect will not be missed! The carrier plays a particularly important role in this technique. The proper glide makes the experience exceptional.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is also a type of slippery massage, but performed with a special nuru gel instead of traditional oil. This material is a water-based, preheated, fragrance-free gel that gives a more slippery feeling, thus providing a more special experience. It is completely the same technique as a mentioned before slippery massage with oil, they only differ in the material used.

If you wish to give it a try and experience a real professional sensual massage with certified masseuses, visit our salon. Here you have the opportunity for not only yoni and lingam massages, but also to have our popular couple’s massage programs. Give yourself and your sweetheart an unforgettable experience!

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Massage in the cultures

Massage, as many know, is one of the most ancient medical procedures. It is likely that people of ancient times first (out of sheer instinct) tried to relieve their muscle aches with squeezing, rubbing movements, which later resulted in more conscious, professional movements.

But exactly how long does the tradition of massage go back? How does it appear in some cultures? What are the specifics of massage in another countries?

There are some interesting facts about the types of massage listed below, grouped into different countries, through which we can gain insight not only into the characteristics of the different types of massage, but also into their historical background.


Thousands of years of acupressure treatment, derived from the practice of acupuncture, is extremely popular in China. It is extremely effective against back pain, headaches, muscle aches, but can also be an excellent antidote for sinus problems, arthritis, and stress and tension. It helps to remove the toxic substances in our body and improves our general well-being.

During acupressure massage, gentle but firm pressure is applied to the acupuncture points of the body with the help of the hand, fingers or elbow. Even a single such massage can help stimulate blood circulation and relax muscle tension.

The feeling of calm and relief is practically guaranteed. (Interestingly, China’s first collection of medical topics, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, also deals with massage, so massage was a part of traditional Chinese medicine. To this day, it is one of the most important works of traditional Chinese medicine. There is no consensus on the date of this collection, but it is certain that it dates back to the centuries before our time.)


The ancient Greeks (like the Romans) took over various massage therapies from the Egyptians. (Hippocrates, referred to as the father of medicine, also recognized the physiological effects of massage, and he recognized one of its contraindications, fever.)

In ancient Greece, athletes preferred to use various massage techniques before competitions to condition their bodies. Doctors often used oils and herbs during massages. This is where the method of aromatherapy massage, which is still popular today, comes from. In doing so, the room used for the massage is rocked with a specific essential oil, helping the client to relax and increase their energy level.

Different essential oils have their own unique properties and can also be blended according to customer needs. (However, aromatherapy massage, or an older version of it, has appeared not only in Greece, but also in the aforementioned Egypt and ancient Italy.)


In India, a five-thousand-year-old natural medicine system, Ayurveda, plays a very decisive role in terms of medicine. This can be seen as a kind of alternative treatment that places great emphasis on disease prevention, while at the same time being in harmony and balance with the world around us. According to the principle of Ayurveda, body and spirit form an inseparable unit, not merely influencing each other.

Ayurvedic massage improves blood flow, removes toxins and rejuvenates the body. In the process, a preheated mixture of massage oils containing herbs is used.

(These ointments are put together according to the possible illnesses, diet, and physique of the massaged party.) The part of the body (foot or head) to be treated during the massage is stimulated with rubbing, gently kneading, and tapping beats.


In many countries, including Hungary, a few people could hear about traditional Turkish massage, the hammam. Turkish baths (due to the expansion and campaigns of the Ottoman Empire) were built in many places, many of which still function today. (As an example, such a spa is Cemberlitas Hamami, which is located in what is now Istanbul and was built in the 15th or 16th centuries.) Visitors to such baths have the opportunity to take part in treatments in keeping with the traditions of old times.

The first step in a hammam massage is to keep your body warm in front of it, for which watering with warm water can be just as great a tool as hot steam. The massage itself appears in different forms. They use stronger movements somewhere, while in some places they combine foam treatment and air-filled pillow washing with stretching and relaxing dishes. (The interesting thing about this type of massage is that it is usually performed on a heated marble bed.)

A hammam massage stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and reduces stress.


Perhaps a little-known Mexican invention for many could be the Hakali massage (also known as the cactus massage). As the name suggests, the most important ingredient in this type is the cactus, which has a number of antioxidants.

During the Hakali massage, cactus leaves are pushed through the client’s body, paying special attention to the tired muscles.

But before that, of course, the thorns are removed and the leaves are heated in hot water. The skin is then hydrated with a creamy substance (which also contains the stem and flower of the cactus) to help detoxify and refresh.


When we talk about Hawaiian types of massage, we can think of lomi-lomi in particular. One of the characteristics is that the massage can vary from island to island, but even from family to family.

The lomi-lomi massage combines deeper pressure and caressing movements.

By the way, it does not require any special equipment. It can be done in the same way in a massage parlor as on the beach or seaside, and can have a relaxing effect anywhere.


It is probably no exaggeration to say that Swedish massage is one of the best known and most commonly used types of massage in Europe. (This may be why it is referred to as a classic massage in many parts of the world instead of a Swedish massage.)

This type provides the basis for therapeutic, segmental, and even sports massage. (This type of massage can be great for regular athletes, among other things, because it also helps reduce lactic acid buildup.)

In addition to reducing pain, Swedish (or classic) massage relieves joint stiffness, improves blood circulation, and results in flexibility. It can be a great way to relieve stress, relieve cramps, improve general well-being and relieve chronic fatigue.

This type of massage is made up of five basic techniques, which are smoothing and kneading. tapping and vibrating (or in other words vibrating). The order of these is not entirely bound. (For example, in the past, rubbing was preceded by kneading, nowadays this is no longer a generally accepted rule.)

What is the best massage type?

Our world can be said to be extremely interesting and versatile, whatever the topic. This is also the case with massage. It seems almost unbelievable how many types of this sector have emerged over the past millennia. Nevertheless, we can discover a lot of similarities in them.

Whichever type you choose, it can all help us relax and heal. Massage is an experience that virtually anyone can and should try. In addition to the types listed, we still have plenty of options.

However, it is also important to note that before participating in any program that we seem sympathetic to, look for contraindications. While massage can be a perfect tool to protect not only our mental and spiritual health, but also our physical health, in addition to various summaries and testimonials, it may be worthwhile to delve deeper into possible

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The Chakras

Let’s make it clear what are the chakras? Are you interested? Continue reading the article!

The meaning of the word originated from Sanskrit and is derived from the word ‘wheel’. It is a colorful whirl moving around and around.

Spiritually sensitive individuals can feel a slight suction or outward force when putting their hands close to the chakras, depending on whether they are absorbing or releasing energy. These are the energy centers arranged in coloumn along the spinal cord, and are also referred to as the vortex of power by Eastern esoteric traditions. Buddhist yoga also translates it as a vortex or whirl.

There are 7 main chakras, these are from bottom to top:

  1. root chakra,
  2. sex chakra,
  3. solar plexus chakra,
  4. heart chakra, throat chakra,
  5. third eye chakra,
  6. and last but not least the crown chakra.

In the world around us, everything has a vibration. The objects, creatures, places, even our temporary emotions. These energy vibrations provide information, which impulses are picked up by our chakras, and which later evolve into emotions and thoughts.

When absorving these information, they rotate clockwise. They are not only capable of taking up the energy, but also giving it out, when moving in the opposite direction. The boundaries of the inside and the outside are blurring, there is a psychic exchange of ideas, which information can rise upon from the unconscious, with a little practice, to a conscious level.

Why is it good to have our chakras work healthy?

If our chakras are under- or over-functioning, we may feel emotionally unbalanced, which in worse cases can lead to physical illness. Later I explain what emotional problems or physical symptoms are associated with which chakras. But how can we keep our energy centers in harmony? At the moment of our birth, four of our seven main chakras function stronger and three weaker. Chakras with inadequate energy flow can be fixed in a variety of ways.

Among other things, color therapy, some minerals, chakra-scented oils, sound baths, energy therapies and, of course, massage can help. During foot massage, for example, we can reach all 7 main chakras. By stimulating the areas that are connected to them, their energy processes activate, thus initiating the self-healing mechanism of our body.

By working on our chakras, we can easily transform our anxiety and everyday stress into a state of relaxation, calm. Our consciousness clears, we can deeply relax, it helps to reach and maintain our awareness and alertness.

The 7 main chakras

  • Our first chakra is located at the base of the spine cord and boasts in deep red or fiery red. This is our root chakra, which, like the roots of trees, binds us stably to the soil.It indicates our connection to the physical world. It grounds us, it brings stability. Anyone with a weakly functioning root chakra can notice that they are not standing with two feet on the ground. Our body parts connected to this energy center are the bones, nose, soles, spine, legs, colon and teeth. Regarding perception, smell is attached to it.When it comes to unbalanced energy flow in the root chakra, insomnia, lethargy, depression and excessive or irrational fears emerge. Problems at the physical level can include urination or defecation problems, low or high blood pressure, spinal problems, cold limbs, gingivitis, muscle cramps.


  • Our second chakra is the sex chakra, also known as the sacral chakra, which is located 3-4 fingers below the navel, shining in a wonderful orange color.It connects with the male and female genitals, fallopian tubes, testicles, muscles and tongue. Taste is its perception. Sacral chakra is related to our sexuality, relationships, creativity, nutrition, stamina, family and reproduction.If someone’s sex chakra does not work properly, they tend to be jealous, have difficulty managing their passions, or are just commuting between the extremes of the spectrum of restraints and freedom. But it can also cause physical disorders such as uterine or testicular problems, intestinal cramps, bloating, obesity. On an emotional level, it can be linked to loss of creativity, orgasm problems, strained relations with members of the other sex.


  • Our sacral chakra is followed by the solar plexus chakra. This vibrant lemon-yellow power center is located at the navel.In terms of body parts, the eyes, liver, gallbladder and stomach can be connected to it. Vision is the sense of this chakra. If our solar plexus is not working properly, physical symptoms such as diabetes, gallstones, stomach ulcer, liver disease, indigestion, liver and eye disease can occur.Proper energy flow contributes to balanced emotional expression in this vortex of energy. If imbalance occurs here, we can experience outbursts of anger, aggression and sometimes helplessness. We cannot consciously recognize and assess our anger, nor do we transform it into a socially acceptable one.


  • The heart chakra is the energy center of unlimited selfless love, acceptance of others and ourselves, compassion, warmth, openness and trust.It is located in the middle of our chest, around the heart, shining in a bright green color. Touch is connected to it. When our heart chakras are disrupted, we find it difficult to trust, are unable to open up to others, and unable to forgive. Its under- or over-functioning can lead to physical illnesses such as cardiovascular complaints, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure and immune-related illnesses. If we experience difficulties in making connections, feel lack of love, have difficulties in attaching to others, it is worth paying special attention to this center.


  • Our fifth energy center is the throat chakra, which is located at the throat. Imagine it as a light blue swirl, that manages our communication, honesty and authentic self-expression.Persuasion, singing clear but internal communication also comes with it. At the sensation level, the ability to hear is linked to it. In terms of our body parts, it is related to the thyroid gland, so its imbalance can also cause problems in thyroid functioning. It can also manifest itself in speech problems such as stuttering, chattering and other self-expression disorders. Furthermore coughing, tonsil problems, hearing difficulties, bad breath and lung problems can also be associated with it.


  • On our forehead, in the middle, between the two eyebrows, we have the third eye, also known as the forehead chakra. It is indigo or violet in color and, according to some literature, is already beyond the material plane.The sixth sense, the inner intuition and the divination come with it. It helps with concentration, so its disorders can cause learning difficulties. Our brain, face and nose are connected to it, so if the flow of energy is inadequate, diseases such as myopia or farsightedness, migraines, or glaucoma can occur.


  • Our crown chakra is located at the top of the head, at the fontanelle. Its color is white or all the colors of the rainbow. The skull, the brain, the pineal gland, the eyes are connected to it. If it works properly, we can take full responsibility for our lives, feel completely free, trust our intuitions and inner sound.If our crown chakra does not function satisfactorily, physical or mental problems such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, or suicide attempt may occur. If we turn away from the inner voice, if we distance ourselves from wisdom, it manifests itself in severe psychosis. Let us find the inner light in the darkness!


As we can see above, it is important to achieve and maintain the proper functioning of the chakras. Massage fully helps us in it.

The sensual and delicate strokes, massage oils, soft lights, meditative, relaxing music harmonize the wonderfully swirling energy centers of our bodies by affecting all our senses so that we can live our lives to the fullest. If the unbalanced functioning of one of our chakras is already manifested in various physical or mental problems, it is important for us to be patient. After all, we have reached our present state in a long time, nature also needs time to heal the disorders.

If in addition to color therapy, sound baths, energy treatments or yoga, you also want to try massage, we are waiting for you in our salon for a gently relaxing, invigorating experience, that also affects the chakras!

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Do you work as a massage therapist? Or would you like to know more about the aromatherapy and fine-scented oils?

Take advantage of the therapeutic potential of fragrances!

For both cases, it is worthwhile to carefully find out about the selection available. This is because this is the carrier that ensures the smooth gliding of your hands during the massage without any friction. It is important for it to be suitable both in its texture and consistence.

Also that not all of them are of the right quality. There are some that make the skin feel uncomfortably greasy. Or there are some that go rancid very quickly and become unpleasantly smelly.

Carefully selected massage oil harmonizes with the atmosphere and the type of massage.
Our goal can be either a relaxing, stress-reducting or an invigorating, refreshing massage.

To achieve the most complete experience, we need to find the most suitable carrier. In this post, we provide information on the types of massage oils to help you choose the oil that best suits your situation.

We will get to know their characteristics, beneficial effects and practical use.

They affect not only our body, but also our soul and senses. But what exactly are their beneficial effects?

Pampering the skin…

On the one hand, it nourishes, regenerates, disinfects and makes our skin silky soft. After a massage, we can feel our skin rejuvenated, renewed.

Most of which can be applied to any part of the body, be it the soles of the feet, the back, the intimate areas or even the scalp. In case of a full body massage, an oil that is not absorbing immediately is worth choosing.

It will nourish our skin deep and properly. They exert their beneficial effects in their skin conditioning, emollient, disinfecting, cleansing, regenerating properties, among other things. When reaching lower layers of the skin, they provide deeper hydration.

Depending on their type, they increase blood and lymphatic circulation, help relaxing tense muscles, tightening skin tissues, warming up thoroughly, and making our skin smooth and tight.

In terms of their consistency, the most suitable choice is light in texture, well distributed oils with ideal fluidity. We can find a wide range of them for all types of massages.

And pampering the soul with aromas…

On the other hand, thanks to their pleasant scents, they are well-known for their

  • mood-enhancing,
  • stress-relieving,
  • refreshing,
  • invigorating,
  • aphrodisiac
  • or even pleasantly soothing characteristics.

Due to their aromatherapy nature, some fragrances have a beneficial effect on people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, depressive symptoms, sexual problems, headaches or blood pressure problems.

Based on their aromatherapeutic nature, they soothe or awaken our senses. In the following, you can find the most popular fragrances and their main beneficial effects:
  • Lavender and lemongrass are a scent of stress relief and calmness. It is the pleasant addition that completes a massage for relaxation.
  • Oranges and cinnamon enhance circulation, help cleanse, detoxify, invigorate, give impetus and enough energy to start the day.
  • Jasmine, ylang-ylang and sandalwood help with sensual attunement. Due to their desire-enhancing aphrodisiac quality, during an erotic massage, we will feel magically relaxed, tho invigorated.
  • The scent of eucalyptus contributes to both physical and mental refreshment, has a strong vitalizing effect and is a wonderful addition to a refreshing morning massage.

Regarding their composition, it is important that the massage oil contains as few harmful substances that could irritate or allergenize our sensitive skin as possible.

If we know that we are allergic to peanuts or other substances, be sure to inform your massage therapist. They will check the composition of the substance. You don’t have to be shy about this. It is in our common interest for the massage to be a pleasant experience.

Even if we don’t have any known allergies, it is still worth paying attention to and avoiding substances:

  • artificial colorings,
  • artificial fragrances,
  • soybean oil,
  • paraffin oil,
  • and other harmful preservatives.

The most ideal massage oils are from 100% pure vegetable and essential oils.

Their aroma and active ingredients are solely provided by the used essential oil mixtures.

They contain only and exclusively carefully controlled 100% pure plant ingredients, so our skin really gets the most careful care during a pampering massage.

In our salon, our qualified masseuses complete the pampering program experience with the exciting massage oils listed below:

  • Coconut – with the scent of exotic coconut, it provides the unforgettable experience of a tropical vacation. Its refreshing and light scent has a great effect on our senses. Thanks to its particularly excellent skin care components, nourishing and regenerating effect, our body becomes radiant and silky soft. Its scent is not nauseatingly sweet, rather pleasantly caressing.
  • Vanilla – the irresistible vanilla aroma is the great favorite of the sweet scents’ fans. A classic, simple, yet defining scent that makes a massage after a tiring day the sweetest indulgence of our lives.
  • Sandalwood – sandalwood has a disinfectant and skin regenerating effect, so it is also perfect for people with problematic skin. In addition to its healing effects, its scent is also outstanding. It has a full-bodied, oriental-like aroma reminiscent of drying wood. It helps the intunement for a sensual massage, creating a pleasant, exciting atmosphere.
  • Aloe vera – aloe vera provides a wonderful experience for our skin due to its disinfecting, skin regenerating, moisturizing, cell renewing and skin firming effects. However, in addition to its healing effect, it also helps our spiritual recharge by acting on the senses. Its pleasantly light, natural scent has a soothing effect on the rushing mind.
  • Yogi – a magical oriental-inspired fragrance mixture, that is the perfect choice for those looking for physical and mental rejuvenation. With the silence of the mind, the refreshment of the body, the vanishing of negative thoughts, it promises pleasant relaxation and rest. After a long, stressful day, a massage with yogi oil is the greatest choice. It drips us from the rushing everyday into the world of the sensual, wonderful East in the fastest and most effective way.
  • Forest fruit – one of the most ideal choices for a relaxing massage thanks to its pleasant, soothing aroma. The scent of forest fruits relieves muscle tensions caused by stress and relaxes the mind. The sweet aroma of red berries provides complete relaxation for those who wish to relax.
  • Apples, oranges, cinnamon – The slightly sweet blend of intensely fruity apples and citrus oranges and the fiery, lightly spicy cinnamon creates a sensual, pleasant atmosphere for our massages with delicate touch. This special cavalcade of fragrances is sure to awaken the senses. And thanks to its wonderfully easily absorbed texture, our skin becomes unearthly silky and soft after use.
  • Marigold, lemongrass – Lemongrass has a wonderful skin rejuvenating effect, its vigorating aroma provides us a refreshing experience. Due to its antiseptic and fungicidal properties, marigold is the type of massage oil that can be used with problematic skin. The wonderful blend of the two essential oils is refreshing, yet soothing. The combination of the two scents contributes to a great massage experience, a wonderful healing effect for both body and soul.
  • Green Apple – This type with its fresh, slightly sour green apples scent is a special massage oil with an awesome invigorating effect. A light, pleasant experience evoking the feeling of spring, it provides a particularly refreshing pampering during vitalizing massages.
  • Lavender – Lavender is clearly well known for its beneficial effects, its scent is very popular, a soothing, relaxing aroma. It is the best help for sleep disorders, to chase away any worries, to reduce anxiety. But not only does it have wonderful effects on our souls. It also has a great effect on our skin. Gently hydrates, regenerates, makes it velvety soft. The best end to a long, stressful day is a pleasantly soothing, yet gently invigorating massage with the wonderful scent of lavender.

We hope we have answered all of your questions about massage oils above.
If you got to like this exotic world and we managed to arouse your interest, do not hesitate to indulge in our sensual, delicately invigorating professional massages with the help of our magical oils! Do not forget to take your partner with you 🙂

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Let’s talk about what do we mean exactly by the word intimacy.

The simplest way to describe intimacy, the closeness of people in different relationships.

As time goes on in a relationship, this closeness — optimally, of course — will increase, but only if the parties care about each other. The time spent together becomes more and more comfortable.

We can also talk about emotional and physical closeness, or a mixture of those. However, it is important to clarify that intimacy is not the same as sex.

Of course, sex life can develop intimacy, but remember that there is sex without intimacy, and intimacy without sexuality.

On the other hand, intimacy is not to be interpreted exclusively in a romantic, male-female relationship. It can also be present in quite other types of human relationships, such as a friendship, parent-child relationship, siblings, and so on.

Close relationships can be close just because they involve intimacy.

Intimacy is interpreted by people in many ways.

Some people feel like they are close on a date with another, one is watching a movie together. The other side, on the other hand, waits for a walk after the film to hold their hands and feel the love. So the reason is that as many as we are, we experience a situation in so many different ways.

There are many factors that can affect who has the right quality of intimacy:

  • Way of socialization
  • Culture
  • Religion
  • Interests
  • Communication style, etc.

It’s worth looking at different types of intimacy to figure out what intimacy means to us.

The categories are as follows:

  1. Emotional

    It is a closeness that allows us to tell personal things to each other. Things we wouldn’t share with anyone, just people in the right vicinity. If emotional intimacy works well between two people, they like to spend time together because they find it relaxing.
    They share thoughts with each other without the fear of judgment.

  2. Intellectual

    It is a closeness where the parties allow each other to learn how their minds work. It requires the sharing of ideas, exchanges of ideas and brainstorming together. So, for example, common philosophizing, deep conversations can serve as sure signs.

  3. Physical

    It means physical closeness in a relationship, this includes hugging, sexuality, kissing, handshaking. But as mentioned earlier, intimacy does not require fundamentally sexuality or romance. Embracing, kissing, and standing close to each other while communicating with our parents are also signs of physical intimacy. And the motives in a deep friendly relationship are similar.

  4. Experiential

    Spending quality time with someone forms experiential intimacy. This means spending time pleasantly with exploiting areas of common interest. You don’t have to think about complicate things. A good example is watching a series that both parties like together, or an enjoyable board game.

  5. Spiritual

    It can be shaped by a common approach to spirituality. If we also find harmony in our faith orientation, it can further deepen our closeness, on a spiritual level. What religion or belief is concerned is irrelevant in the present case. The common wavelength works independently.

The basic pillars of intimacy are:

  • Trust

    The ability to trust varies depending on previous traumas. Over the years, everyone is experiencing more and more trauma,  and this is influencing the development of confidential relationships.
    The fact is, however, that trust is needed to build an intimate relationship. If we trust someone, we are able to tell them about our fears, secrets, and desires. This expresses to the other party that we believe we are trustworthy, which helps him or her feel closer, and he or she is also able to open up.

  • Acceptance

    When you are aware that a person accepts you as you are, you can be sure that you are in an intimate relationship with each other. You are not ashamed of your musical tastes, your religious affiliation, your financial circumstances.

  • Honesty

    This is a key ingredient. Without honesty, there is no intimacy, since trust is a prerequisite for honesty. We can be honest only if we feel secure when we talk about our emotions.

  • Safety

    When we give our truest selves to the other and share our deepest feelings and thoughts. All this in emotional security because we are not afraid of judgment. At the beginning of a relationship, this obviously does not work yet, that’s not where the building of intimacy begins.

  • Sympathy

    Everyone feels good when the other cares and is empathetic to their life situation. Regular conversations with our siblings are important, for example, even when we live far apart. The constant interest in each other’s existence is a confirmation of care.

  • Love

    Your communication begins with a show of interest in each other. And interest is some form of attraction. This attraction does not necessarily have to be physically manifested. It can happen that a friend takes a day off to play sports together because he knows you want to lose weight.

  • Communication

    Proper communication helps build healthy relationships. When we listen to each other and tell each other our true feelings, it is possible to truly understand each other, bringing us even closer together.
    This, of course, takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Intimacy requires long work, perseverance, research, lowliness, and understanding.

It is a slow process where, although progress is continuous, it is often snail slow, other times spectacularly large steps can be taken. Yet it is worth the energy invested, because without it, human relationships are worthless.

There are many who are afraid of intimacy are actually afraid of disappointment.

Because in the recent or distant past, someone else has disappointed them and they don’t want to get hurt again.
This is, of course, a misbehavior, and consciously living people will recognize this sooner or later. Then they have the opportunity to change their attitude and look openly to the future.

It may happen that someone avoids social contacts for reasons unknown to themselves, withdrawing from joint programs.

These individuals often have low levels of self-esteem, have sexual problems, and have difficulty forming new relationships. They are advised to work with a therapist to help uncover and then unblock the blocks.

Our mental health is largely determined by the quality and quantity of intimacy present in our lives.

Our relationship with our close relatives, our relationship with our friends, and last but not least, the quality of our relationship greatly affects our well-being.
Even if we don’t have a relationship, our other human relationships can alleviate a sense of loneliness.

Here it is definitely worth mentioning the importance of our intimate relationship with ourselves.

In fact, when we are well with ourselves, we cannot feel loneliness, lack of feeling, or frustration simply because we are not living in a relationship.
In addition, of course, we do need our loved ones and nurture the relationships that are important to us. By the way, it is very good to experience our emotions if we can express them with a hug, a touch. This is when a lot of energy is released, as well as through laughter.

If we are already on the energies, let’s also look at the impact of intimacy on health.

It is an immune booster , antihypertensive, reduces the risk of heart disease and it is also the key to our mental health.

Anyone who has a hard time opening up to new people should definitely tell to the partner about it. This is a great help to him or her, because from now on he knows how to relate to the loved one. If there is confidence between the parties, they can talk about the exact reason of the fear.

And the next step is to express what the partie need from the partner to feel safe. Many times this does not go by itself, but requires the help of a professional. But let no one back away from this, there are countless therapeutic methods that can help to detect and process traumas in a personalized way.

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Hungarian Goddess

Our article today is about the experiences of a kind reader who told about his first erotic experience in Budapest. At our request, he shared the most intimate details with us …

“So I celebrated my 25th birthday that time, we had a huge party with my family and friends. I invited almost every friends, as our house on the Spanish coast with the garden was large enough to accommodate even a smaller festival. Here I met the fabulous Linda, the Hungarian goddess to whom I owe this story.

The meeting

Well, Linda was a very attractive phenomenon. Her height was already noteworthy, as she even wore high-heeled shoes for her 173 centimeters. Her long thighs flashed from her slit summer dress … her shiny, brown skin and long, wavy, dark brown hair gave her a rather exotic look. Everything was natural on her, her slender build associated with tiny breasts and round buttocks.

Hearing her voice, I almost fell in love: it was a sexy hoarse, yet soft voice. Her words sounded firmly as we introduced ourselves to each other and mingled in conversation. Intelligence and sensuality flowed from her eyes.

Linda told me that she lives in Budapest in a flat with her girlfriend, meditates a lot, does yoga, eats healthily, and physical and mental harmony is important to her.

We had plenty of common ground, so we spent a surprising amount of time together during the evening and just told us about ourselves. The attraction between the two of us was very clear, so at the end of the party I asked for her phone number and promised her I will call her.

The Present

Se traveled back home the next day, and I was very busy the next few days. Then a friend of mine called, apologized for not being able to be there on my birthday party. He then announced that his gift was a weekend in Budapest with a small group of friends, 2 weeks later. I straight away said yes and looked up Linda’s number.

She received my call came as a pleasant surprise, not a secret of joy. I told her about the trip to Budapest, and she immediately started talking about the meeting. She invited me to her, and I was happy to say yes.

The company was planned the programs, but only this girl was on my mind. On arrival, I actually hung out from the company and programs. I took a taxi and went to the address at 8 p.m.

Seeing each other again

I was standing at the gate of a pretty garden house in the outer district when Linda showed up at the door of the house. She came to the gate jogging and then opened it so she could hug me tightly. The air sparkled between us. She was extremely beautiful again. I felt expensive perfume evaporated hotly from her neck … I shivered.

The house was tastefully and stylishly furnished, with restrained colors, natural materials, lots of plants, mood lighting. The roommate, of course, was not at home 🙂

We had dinner, tasted Hungarian wines, and since it was very late, I began to be unsure about the girl’s intentions.

Dating with intimacy

Then she suddenly got up from the table. She slid both straps of her dress off her shoulders so that it could easily slide down her graceful body, all the way to her ankles. She was just wearing tiny panties. She continued to smile at me as she walked toward the bedroom, and I followed.

While I was undressing, she lit candles, then we sat down on the invitingly soft four-poster bed, facing each other. She took both my hands and said just trust in her and she guarantees that I will have an unforgettable experience. So how could I say no to a Goddess like she?! I did what she asked.

We started meditating in the posture just described. We closed our eyes and focused only on our breathing. We could feel each other’s energies.

She slowly stroked my shoulders, my back with her hands, and I imitated her. The energies began to change between us, but we were in no hurry with anything at all, we enjoyed the feeling. Then Linda asked me to lie on my stomach.

After a short stroke, I felt warm oil dripping down my back, then her two breasts as she used it to spread it over me. She slid in all directions on my body, involving the other parts of my body as well. It was a rare pleasant pleasure for me. I wanted to turn around and reciprocate her touches, but she instructed me to be passive, so I stayed in my place.

She pressed my whole body with her hands and forearms. She seemed to be proficient in anatomy … I trusted her, I did not think for she might hurt me because she was doing something wrong. (Luckily, it really didn’t even happen.)

Every move went very well, I wished, though, that this intimate therapy would last forever 😀 But like everything, it’s over – in about 1 hour. I was completely relaxed, I felt happy with each and every one of my cells. My therapist lay next to me and allowed me to reciprocate the pampering, finally 🙂 I didn’t miss any of her beautiful cartilage.

I spent a long time, for example, at her tense back and neck, which she greatly appreciated. After I was done with my soles, I sat up and we automatically picked up our starting posture: sitting opposite each other, we grabbed each other’s hands. And we started meditating again, watching our breathing. We breathed in and out at the same time.

Linda and I were so close to each other that I couldn’t have imagined a few hours ago. I felt a bond and harmony between the two of us.

What happened between us?

This evening, I think, was not sexual, but rather an intimate, relaxing encounter. Or a tantric healing. Hell, you don’t know exactly what happened that night. But our souls must have come together, and — though I don’t want to use too big words, yet — perhaps it was a karmic encounter for the two of us.At the time, I couldn’t describe my feelings in words at all. It’s a lot easier in retrospect, since I’ve been more experienced on the subject ever since.

By the way, for 15 years now, I have never seen Linda again, unfortunately. We said goodbye the next morning, and that’s it. After our meeting, I searched her in vain, she did not answer my calls or messages. However, I clearly remember every minute I spent with her, and it functioned as a springboard for the rest.

In the wake of new experiences

Although she didn’t talk about it, I’m sure I was dealing with a professional, professional woman. And I say this because, for lack of a better one, I set out to have more similar experiences without her, which was not easy.

I can say that what I have experienced with her is above average. After such a brief acquaintance, I had no share of this level of tantric experience with anyone else. Yet I have experimented with a lot of women with similar interests on the subject. Including countless pros who have reached all the way to the instructor level. (That’s why I dared to mention the karmic encounter …)

Linda presumably didn’t work as a secretary, as she said. I have not detailed the furnishings of your apartment above. On the one hand, I didn’t want to shoot the story, and on the other hand, when I was with her, it didn’t occur to me either (although it could have appeared, I was just concentrating on something else). Well, in a separate room there was a massage bed and a tatami with an oriental design.

When the picture came together afterwards, I didn’t expect much, I wanted to go through what I managed with her over and over again. She made me love tantra … an almost foreign goddess. ”

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Healing seance for couples

Budapest has many attractions for those who come here. Repository of historical sites, castles and ruins, churches. This beautiful european city is a cultural center, full of theaters and event centers, also the summer tourists can visit many festivals.

For the open minded visitors who come with their love and want to relax, it is recommended to discover the high quality massage salons and try a professional erotic massage.

This is one of the best way of relaxation, and you can try that at Massage House. For lovers as a tourist, a tantra massage in Budapest can be an excellent program. Also slippery massage is one of the most exciting and erotic types of massage. Beneficial for the body and soul like all types of massage.

Every relationship can be supported by those erotic, intimate programs. It’s worth learning the tricks at the professional places, so we can practice this sensual seance later in our home as well.

sensual seance for couples

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more and more important these days. Unfortunately, many environmental factors adversely affect our well-being. Therefore, there is an increasing emphasis on maintaining health.
Sport, conscious nutrition, meditation, enough sleep, maintaining healthy human relationships. The listed things are connected to the sustainability of a healthy balance.

Physical and mental balance has fortunately received increasing attention in recent years. Hopefully this will only increase.

Tantric massage has become widespread in almost every culture.

It is a recognized technique for treating sexual energies.
Massage itself is a magical, healing activity. If we do all this with our partner, it will obviously have a constructive effect on the relationship as well. A little extra is good even for the best relationship. Therefore, it is recommended for everyone to perform a tantra massage.

Let’s see what are the basic conditions of the tantra massage when we do it at home.

  1. Select the correct time. This is very important so that neither party has to hurry, so they can start the program in a relaxed state of mind.
  2. Switch off the phones! There is nothing more uncomfortable than hearing the phone rings in the middle of a meditative state … We definitely have to prevent this!
  3. Ensure the right temperature! This is individual dependent, of course, but roughly 26 degrees is usually adequate. But everyone can adapt to their own needs.
  4. Fix the lights. It is not only important to resolve any inhibitions. But also because the atmosphere in the room can be much more intimate if we do not illuminate it with a reflector, but use a dimmer, smaller light source that only hints at the details of the room. We can even light candles to make the atmosphere more erotic.
  5. Scents for real rapture. Before starting the massage, do a thorough ventilation. Then close the windows to adjust the temperature and to reduce any noise from outside. After that we can light incense if the room is not too small. We can also scented with a scented candle. But a very good solution for essential oil evaporation is also, perhaps, the healthiest and most pleasant solution.Once we have prepared everything, the tantra can begin. Beginners are advised to learn first from a professional tantra masseuse. Learn the tantra massage in Budapest at Massage House, so that everything goes smoothly at home.

The healer procedures we can have an explicitly well-known effect on the human body, it would be relevant for everyone to spend time on it, and therefore money. Pleasant with the useful – it fits very well for a massage.

Men often prefer massages with erotic content. They love to be pampered by a sexy, feminine-looking qualified lady by kneading their body.

Of course, there are more and more ladies who like to try some erotic massage program. But still much more men in erotic massage salons than women.

Within the sensual treatment types, a slippery massage is very popular. It’s easy to see why.

Using the this oily technique, the guest is completely naked, and the therapist wears A only a small panties.
This might be weird for those who never got a massage in this way. But here is the logical explanation: if she would wear more clothes, she would not be able to perform the movements of a slippery massage.

The essence of this slippy cure is that a masseuse slides on the body of a guest. This means, more precisely, that a she uses almost her entire body for the movements. So not just one’s hands, arms, occasionally her feet.
It follows that a she has to apply oil not only her guest’s full body, but on her own body too. Therefore she can not wear any dress.

Within the slippery massage we can distinguish 2 types:
1. oily
2. nuru gel

The movements of the oily B2B massage can sometimes be more intense, as the whole body is used by the masseuse, so sometimes it weighs on the guest with more of her body weight.
But this massage can be performed only with the buttocks or only with the breasts, as the finer touches can only be performed in this way.

The nuru gel of Japanese origin appeared on the Hungarian market only a few years ago. The reason for its popularity is clear: it is easy to wash off because it is water based. Colorless and odorless, chemical-free, so non-irritating. It can also end up on mucous membranes, as it is an edible substance, its main aggregate being an algal variety.

Whatever material is selected, an excellent effect can be achieved with the slippery massage. You should try both.

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What is sensual massage?

Clarifying the meaning of sensual massage is probably best done at the beginning of this article.


massage sensual

What makes a massage sensual? Why do anyone choose a sensual massage at all? Is it normal to visit an erotic masseuse?

Well, the questions above might make some people thinking. If someone has no experience regarding the quality erotic massage, won’t know the answers. You have to enjoy the erotic massage programs to see the essence of it. 

Are you scared, or maybe just shy? Then just ask some friends of you, who is more expert than you are. It can be easier to talk about it with someone, who you trust. And maybe that friend can suggest to you an expert masseuse, so you will know straight away where to start.

And now, if you think you don’t even have any friend with this kind of interest….. trust me, you are wrong. Let me explain to you, why. 

Everybody is interested for erotica. Most of the people are even practicing how to smuggle some of it in the weekdays. And erotic massage is the most common way for that. At least in Hungary, for singles. Some people are buying erotic magazines, but it not too trendy anymore. 

If you ever been in a good erotic parlour, you definitely will has an idea. Any way, opinions might be different. But there is some agreement that people are not thinking about a painful massage consisting of vigorous movements.

We can mention any massage, it is always aimed at eliminating tension and energy blocks in the body. Therefore the best way we can treat our problem is working with energies. What kind of energies…. let see. 

Is the massage type focuses on sexual energies? Yes! So we can talk about erotic massage.

As with any massage, erotic massage plays an important role in creating a relaxed state. The receiving party has to be relaxed. Why? Because this way he/she can more likely unlock those specific energy blocks. 

Erotic massage can be perfumed with scents. For example, a fine scented massage oil or incense. An oil with the scent of cinnamon, orange or geranium can makes wonders with our body.

However, you should take care of the incense, because when it used indoors, there is a chance that we will feel the smell too much. Less is more, right?

But actually anything can be great, what possibly helps us to get into a real relaxed state. Soft and sexy music, low – key lights, silky bedsheet.
But someone likes to do meditation before the massage. It might sounds a bit particular, considering that massage is a kind of meditation too…

Sensual massage is usually made up of fine movements, alternating touch techniques. Intimate massage is perfectly suited to the subject, which is why lingam or yoni massage is often can be a part of the sensual massage.

In the most salons in Budapest you will not find male masseures. It means that female masseuses makes the yoni massage too. Is it whimsical to you? Just imagine, how much a women is able to understand, what you feel when she touches you. 

It is advisable to combine the two, as the sensual treatment of gentle movements is sufficient preparation for intimate massages.

It can be a good idea to add body to body massage to our erotic massage.

The so-called slippery massage can be done with a regular massage oil. The well – known technique is very popular, and the reason is simple. If someone chose to be treated by a sensual masseuse with slippery massage, than usually the masseuse is pretty and sexy. She uses her whole body for the massage, so the treated party can feel her tits and butt as well. That is an erotic program for real! 

If you know well enough that kind of treatment, you still have something to try in this matter. The Japanese, algae and water-based nuru gel. This is the most wonderfully slippery substance that can be used for this type of activity. Nuru gel has become well-known and popular in those countries, where erotic massage has a culture. In Hungary you can find it probably only in the largest parlours of Budapest, so as in Massage House. 

Of course, pleasant music that suits our tastes, the subtle warm temperatures, and the clean, hygienic environment are also very important factors. All those are provided in the high – level salons. 

So these are the most important elements of erotic massage. Whether done at home or in a professional massage salon, this type of massage can be the perfect relaxation for anyone. 

If you feel tired, spent, nervous, enervate… just come for a massage, and enjoy the healing effects of the different treatments. Our stuff will help you to find the most suitable for your problem. 

You have no problem? 

That sounds awesome! Do not forget, that massage can work as a preventive curing in the case of any kind of disease you inclined to. So be generous with yourself and bath yourself in the healthy, pampering treatments! Yes, you do deserve it! It is much better to spend some time and money now for a special relaxation, than spend money later for medicines! 

Are you curious? Stop hesitate! 

You have the chance to try the abovementioned programs in  a splendid, professional and exclusive massage salon. Massage House is the greatest place you can enjoy your favorite sensual recreation. Just choose the program you are interested for, and the masseuse, you would like to receive the treatment from. 

You can find us in a frequented area of Budapest, close to Nyugati Station. Please do not forget to call us or send an e-mail before your arrival, so we can make your appointment.

If you check the website of Massage House, you will find all the information, you might need to make your decision. If you would still have any kind of question, please contact our reception, so we can inform and help you. We hope to welcome you at us in the near future! 

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Massage Creams

A good massage cream is always a part of a perfect massage.

Before going into the theme of massage creams and oils, I would like to emphasize that moisturise and nourish skin is not just about creams. Keep in mind that using different types of body lotions does not replace the right amount of fluid, especially water.

Various oils, serums and massage creams are important accessories in body care.

Moisturizing our skin is very important, because of the sunshine in the summer time and thus the UV rays, and the lower temperatures in the winter can make our skin feel stressed and dry.

Of course, internal hydration is just as important as outside care.

The average daily water consumption of an adult is between three and four liters to maintain a healthy state. Of course, this can change as a result of changes in body weight, age, health or external environmental factors.

During the daily “body care” routine most of the time we just use a couple of doses of cream: little bit to the arms, than some to the legs… and that’s it. So the bigger part of our body surface is being skipped.

But even if we don’t skip any parts of our body, than we gotta dress up quickly, cause we gotta go to work etc…

What ther result will be is that the cream will be sticked to the chlotes… But there are also creams that require a more thorough massage for absorption.

Massage is a wonderful, pampering way of external hydration.

During a more extensive massage, a larger amount of moisturizing oil, cream, serum can be applied to the skin. Thank’s for the massage, it can absorb.

Massage is thus an excellent health preserving method from the aspect of skin hydratation.

It is advisable to use more natural oils, which we do not wash off for a few hours after the massage.

We only need to look around the drugstore shelves for a more advanced massage cream, as there is a wide selection. So if you look around a bit, you will almost certainly find the right product for your skin type.

Of course, a little knowledge of massage is can helps to make the massage itself a nice experience. It is learnable, you have to practice at home with each other.

And of course, it is good to pamper yourself in a professional salon as well, just by yourself or in with your partner, while sneaking a few technics for later, home …