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Best erotic masseuses in Budapest

You want to find a really good massage place in the heart of Budapest? It is not impossible! Now we want to introduce you our best erotic masseuses.

Best erotic masseuses in the heart of Budapest

If you want to find the best erotic massage in Budapest, you are in the right place. Erotic massage is a good way to relax your body, and to forget the daily routine.  Nowadays everybody is in a hurry, and carry the everyday stress. Simply we don’t have time to relax.

If you choose to visit an erotic massage parlor, you are on the way of a better and healthier life. Why? Because it is proved, that erotic massage has a good impact not just your muscles, but also your mental health!

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Best erotic masseuses in Budapest.

Best erotic masseuses in Budapest: different techniques

In Massage House the erotic masseuses can use different techniques, but everybody has her own specialization.  Let’s see them.

Colette  Szilvi, and Korina are masters of sensual massages, for example the body-to-body massage. It is also called slippery massage.

Melody, and Berni (next to other erotic massage types) are really talented in nuru massage. Nuru massage is similar to slippery massage, just it’s used with a special nuru gel, which is the most slippery gel in the world.

Not every masseuses take couples, but AlettaNelli, and Flóra do. Couple massage is a special type of erotic massage, because you can bring your partner, and share the experiment with him or her. It can strengthen the bond between the couple.

Yoni massage is for women. A woman can touch different way another woman, and Alexa is really good at it.

If you choose lingam massage, you will meet example Kitty. You won’t forget their gently massage technique!

Have you heard about tantric or tantra massage? It’s bewitch your senses. If you want to try it, Chloe and Maya are the best.

What is tantric massages?

Tantric massages or tantra massage is famous for its sensuality. Massauses lightly cross their fingertips all over your body.

Everything about tantric massages

Have you ever heard about tantra? The feeling, when you almost reach the pleasure, without a single hard touch. This massage type is for your senses. The masseuses cross all over your body really gently. And of course sometimes they press certain points harder. That is why it’s also called: sensual massage.

Tantric massages: why is it good?

Nothing is good for everyone. But I can tell you the good points of the tantric massages. First of all it’s mostly not for your body but for your soul. It feels like somebody touching your soul with gently hands, and it can heal some emotional wunds. It’s really useful for those who want to find themselves , or their lost sensuality back.

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Tantric massages in Budapest.

Secondly, as I have mentioned before, it’s a kind of therapeutic massage. In our world everything is more important than to make some effort for our well-being. We are almost every time in a hurry, and we don’t have enough time for ouselves. And even though we don’t copy this, we really miss that time, and care. We collect a lot of stress, pain and negative energy into our body, and tantric massages can help to get rid of them.

And finally, it is really pleasurable mostly for those, who don’t like the painfully, hard massage types. You can be sure, that it will be soft and kind, the erotic masseuses will only crossing and pushing gently the body. It can also relax your senses and clear away the bad thoughts.

Do you feel the same? Do you feel yourself lonely, sad and affectionless? During this massage you will learn, how to love others and yourself – again. Sometimes when we grow up we forget, how good to feel pure feelings from our heart. Lets release them.

Lingam massage, the healing massage therapy


Imagine a relaxing, luxurious environment with candles lit on the shelves, the scent of aromatherapy incents in the air and aromatic oils being spread on your body. Sensuality, eroticism, and professionalism combined, where a relaxing massage therapy can be more than just a simple ‘me-time’. Lingam massage is a special relaxing massage technique that has plenty of healing potential and can mean a cure for some problems men are experiencing today.


What is lingam massage?

Strictly from a therapist’s perspective, lingam massage is the massage of the male main erogenous zone. A special technique is used to treat the area around the penis and the testicles in order to stimulate the blood flow and relieve any muscle tension in the surrounding areas. Tantra describes the specific massage technique, hand movements and pressure points for this massage.

Why is lingam massage healthy?

Visiting a massage parlor regularly or even just on occasion for a lingam massage therapy has proven to have many health benefits. When using this massage technique as a therapy, it is scientifically proven to treat some of the most troubling male problems of our time. Scientifical tests showed that lingam massage decreases testicular problems such as pain and diseases. It also helps to put an end to impotence as it stimulates the blood flow in the surrounding area. Lingam massage aids to control premature ejaculation and it can also be a cure for infertility.

Choose lingam massage with an additional body-to-body massage extra.All in all, lingam massage might seem like an easy way to have something sensual at a massage parlor. But with all its unquestionable health-improving effects it is also a remedial massage technique that can help men treat many problems with a simple massage. Need we say more? Book an appointment today!

Erotic massage with the power of sensuality can help release muscle tension. We at Massage House pay close attention to create the perfect ambiance for a relaxing massage program, one of our number one priority is discretion and providing a high-quality service to all our customers. Whether it is the exclusive Nuru massage, oily slippery massage or any other massage program of your choice, we guarantee an unforgettable experience! Check out all our massage types, choose your masseuse and enjoy a 45 or 90 minutes erotic or sensual massage program!


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Sensuality in tantric massage

Tantric massage, in short, can be summed up by saying ‘massage of the senses‘. This massage technique focuses more your harmony within yourself, connecting body and soul through your senses. Our everyday stresses and rushes create an uneasy tension in our muscles that can be released through tantra massage.

Tantra massage, sensual eroticism

Tantric massage Budapest: Massage House awaits you!During tantric massage, the masseuse pays careful attention to create the perfect atmosphere. The smooth, relaxing music, the tiny, dancing lights of the candles, the special aromatherapeutic massage oils and the overpowering scent of the incense are all important ingredients.

The massage consists of soft, sensual touches and moves as opposed to the stronger and harder techniques. It is similar to a relaxing massage but the key ingredient is the sensual eroticism that helps you to connect your body, your senses, and your inner feelings. This releases tension and lifts off all the troubles of the day, creating a smooth way for the power to run through your body from head to toe.

If tantric massage Budapest: choose Maya!If you really want to lose yourself in your senses, choose the body-to-body massage. During this massage program, the masseuse uses her stomach, her breasts, her bottom and her thighs as well to massage your body. And if you even want to top that with an absolutely unforgettable experience, we suggest you try the special Nuru massage. The special Nuru gel that is used for this massage is heated up before the massage and poured on your body while it’s still warm, letting you ease into a relaxing state of mind. Just as during slippery massage, the masseuse uses her whole body to massage you.

If you’re looking for a real sensual tantra massage, visit Massage House, where you can choose from professional, certified, experienced and beautiful masseuses for your massage! If tantric massage Budapest then Massage House!


Couples erotic massage

Couples erotic massage in Budapest.

There comes a time in every relationship when you feel the need to spice things up and bring some intimacy back. Or you just simply want to experience something new. Couples erotic massage is a perfect way to add some spice to your time together and even learn some new moves.

One or two masseuses?

When you book an appointment you can choose if you’d like one or two masseuses. Both options are great opportunities to steal some moves from your masseuse(s). You can also see, hear and feel your partner’s reactions to the different massage techniques and moves.

With two masseuses you are massaged simultaneously in the same room, close enough to each other to even hold hands. You can change up the masseuses as well to experience both of their techniques. Feel free to ask questions about certain moves to learn the essence of sensual massage.

If you chose one masseuse for both of you the program becomes a bit more interactive. Your masseuse and your partner can massage you at the same time like a synchronic massage. This adds a great deal of eroticism to the program while it is really fun to learn from a professional masseuse. When it comes to lingam massage and yoni massage you can pick up the essential moves. Trying them at home afterward will be open new possibilities and a whole new erotic world.

Erotic massage for couples, learn about sensuality.

Adding more sensuality

We strongly recommend adding either the oily slippery massage or the warm Nuru massage to the program to experience an even more erotic massage. It is very exciting to learn how to massage with body parts apart from your hands, e.g. bottom, breasts, thighs, stomach. You’ll both be blown away by the intimacy and you’ll leave with the most memorable sensual experience!


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The perfect ambiance for erotic massage – Professional erotic massage parlor

Sensuality and relaxation guaranteed at a perfect erotic massage parlor!

Erotic massage isn’t as simple as you would first imagine it. It takes some time and preparation to set the right environment for the perfect sensual relaxation therapy. This is why Massage House is a professional erotic massage parlor to give you the right environment. Here are 5 things that are essential for setting the right ambiance for erotic massage:

1. Mood lighting

It goes without saying that dimmed lights and candles are the perfect installations for an erotic massage therapy. Mood lighting is extremely important when it comes to sensuality. Make sure you light some aromatherapy candles and dim the lights to be able to let go of all the stress. It is also easier to pay more attention to your senses rather than looking at your surroundings.Magic of Asia is one of 9 massage rooms at Massage House


2. Music

Music is also a key element of reaching the relaxed state of mind. The right music helps release all the muscle tension that builds up during those stressful workdays. Of course, you can choose any of your favorite slow songs. On the other hand, we’d suggest more harmonious and meditational music to create the right ambiance. If you’re listening to wind chimes and raindrops falling in a forest it is easier to clear your head and focus on your senses.Tantric massage with the most beautiful masseuses in Budapest.

3. Surroundings

Clean and tidy. When it comes to massage it is essential to be prepared for an environment that won’t remind you of all the work you’ll have to do later on. For example, if you lay down on a massage bed in the middle of a room filled with paperwork or clothes here and there, every time you open your eyes you’ll think about the things you have to do after your relaxation is over. Clean up, put everything away and give yourself some peaceful time of your own. At Massage House we offer 9 different massage rooms, all furnished with themed designs such as Spirit of Africa or Peace of Japan.Spirit of Africa sets the perfect ambiance for sensual massage.

4. Incense

Aromatherapy candles aren’t the only scents that will aid your relaxation. To heighten your senses we encourage you to light some incense. Censers are said to help let go of the built-up tension and focus on your senses. At our parlor, we pay careful attention to this as well.


5. Massage Oils

The last details you’ll need to take into account before you start your erotic massage are the massage oils or gels you’ll be using. Massage oils are carefully made and chosen for different skin types and for different purposes. For example, the special Nuru gel that is used for Nuru massage is made out of seaweed and camomille. It is heated up before it is applied to both the bodies of the patient and the masseuse. Then, the masseuse starts sliding on the client’s full body, massaging him with her breasts, thighs, stomach and bottom as well. This results in a very intimate sensual massage experience. Similarly, during oily slippery massage the oil helps the skilled moves of the masseuse. 


When it comes to erotic massage it is best to rely on professionals to make sure you get the most out of the experience. At our erotic massage parlor you can choose from any of our beautiful girls and you are guaranteed to have a certified therapist. We pay extra attention to every detail described above, and more! If best erotic massage Budapest, then Massage House!

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Erotic and sensual massage – the modern indulgence

Sensual massage by professional erotic masseuses.

Erotic massage is an old tradition that exists for quite some time now, yet, it’s becoming more and more popular in our modern world. The reasons for this can be speculated, some think it’s because we have limited intimacy with our loved ones. Others claim that our world has sped up so much that it’s almost an impossible task to find someone you can get sensual with. Nowadays, we don’t have as much time to just lay back and enjoy the gentle touch of another person. This is where erotic and sensual massage parlors come into the picture in our modern world, offering the medication for the missing intimacy.


A solution: erotic & sensual massage parlors

Sensual massage by professional erotic masseuses.Erotic massage is basically whatever you take out of it during a program. The masseuses are just as human as all guests at a parlor, they’ll listen and chat with you. You get to talk about anything you’d like while getting a sensual massage from a beautiful girl. You can also choose to spend that time concentrating on your inner self and peace.

In this fast world of ours, sensuality is key. The softer the touch and more sensual the masseuse, the easier it is to let go of all the stress. Tantric massage, ‘the massage of the senses’ is perfect for everyone in need of a little intimacy. The masseuse uses gentle moves and soft fingertip-touches rather than strong, kneading techniques. Ultimately, the aim is to reach complete relaxation for body and soul whilst loosening those muscle knots.

Another special addition to the erotic massage programs is lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women. Firstly, there is the feeling of a gorgeous girl massaging your main erogenous zone. Secondly, lingam massage is proven to be effective to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, and even sterility. Therefore, lingam massage is considered a therapeutic massage as well for all its positive impacts.

If you’re searching for a bit of sensuality and/or a professional erotic massage, look no further! If erotic massage Budapest then Massage House!

Nuru massage – Exclusive eroticism

What is Nuru massage?

The Nuru gel is thicker and more slippery than the scented massage oils.


Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique from Kawasaki City. The word originally means “slippery/smooth” which refers to the consistency of the special gel they use during the massage.

The exclusive Nuru gel is thicker and more slippery than the scented massage oils. The transparent, odorless and tasteless massage lotion is derived from seaweed leaves. The masseuse pours the liquid into a bowl to warm it up before the massage begins. The feeling of the warm and wet gel on your skin already makes the erotic massage experience more special.


What’s the difference between Nuru- and slippery massage?

Nuru gel is a transparent, tasteless, odourless massage lotion and it is derived from seaweed leavesThere’s not much difference between the two erotic massage types regarding the technique used during both programs. The varieties of the movements, the erotic charge, and the wide borders, from the sensual body to body massage to the slippery massage around intimate areas fit both options. The real difference is that during Nuru massage the usual scented massage oil is replaced by a very slippery, professional, natural and trademarked substance called Nuru Gel. Nuru massage in Budapest is only available exclusively at Massage House!


The technique of Nuru Massage

For all massage programs – may it be erotic, sensual or any other widely known massage type – it is crucial to set the perfect mood and environment for relaxation. Our parlor has been specifically designed for that, resulting in the best experience you can get in the city.  You can check out our well-designed massage rooms here. To achieve the ideal atmosphere the massage always starts with a back- or full body massage that will help the muscles to loosen up. In all our massage rooms there’s smooth and relaxing background music, special mood lighting and candles to give you the perfect setting.

During the massage participants will try to get the widest possible physical contact, the masseuse often using her entire body on the person to be treated. First, the masseuse applies the Nuru gel by hand to the entire body of both client and herself. Then she uses slippery massage techniques using her breasts, stomach, butt, thighs, and arms as well. This is the reason why it is also called body-to-body massage. The feeling of the warm and wet Nuru covered bodies sliding on each other creates a new height of true relaxation.

Nuru massage is a really sensual experience.

Since the gel is water based, the mix can be easily removed from the body with a quick shower, way easier than any kind of oil-based product or cream.

It’s important to note that while Nuru massage is a very sensual experience, we don’t go over the boundaries of a massage. This means that we do not offer any kind of sexual activity as our parlor strictly distances itself from sexual services.

Nuru massage in Budapest is only available at Massage House. If you want to try this exclusive and unforgettable experience, book an appointment with any of our beautiful masseuses and experience a new form of pampering and relaxation.



Yumeiho massage therapy

yumeiho massageYumeiho massage is based on Chinese and Japanese therapies, dating back to about the 1600s. It is based on the symmetry theory of the human body. It helps our basically asymmetrical body to return to its balanced, symmetrical state.


Symmetry and asymmetry of our body – The purpose of Yumeiho Massage Therapy

Shift in our bodyweight center can happen early in the womb before birth or at the time of birth in the labor room and basically at any point in our lives. The symmetry-responsive joint between the sacrum and the medulla chambers is the tight linkage that transmits the upper body weight to the lower extremities and the pelvis. This joint is called ‘SI’, the sacroiliac joint, which can be displaced from its natural position. The displacement happens because of two opposing forces, the gravitational force downstream of the spine and the supportive force acting on the legs in an opposite direction. As an outcome of this, shearing pain can occur in the pelvis area. It can also result in a number of movement- and internal organ illnesses, including divergence of the mechanism of joints and bones. One of the highlighted negative effects is the stiffness and tightness of the muscles and a constant or recurring pain in the aforementioned area. The restoration of our body’s symmetry and the treatment itself is the Yumeiho massage, which rearranges the spine and the pelvis to restore body structure and proper circulation to achieve muscle relaxation.

Yumeiho massage consists of compression-kneading and joint correction movements. The massage treatment happens on a tatami placed on the ground and it is always tailored to the needs of the patient after careful discussion of the individual’s complaints and pains. The technique is a very powerful but totally painless massage characterized by soft but deep massage techniques.

At our parlor, we pay special attention to the assessment and management of the various medical complaints our visitors have. That is why we work with certified Yumeiho masseuses as well to be able to provide the most accurate treatment. In addition to this technique, we also use Shiatsu and Swedish massage from normal massage varieties. As part of the erotic massage we have tantra massage, prostate massage, yoni- and lingam massage and sensual massage programs. Additionally, slippery massage and the unique Nuru massage can be selected as well, all of which perfectly complement each of our massage programs.

What is Erotic Massage?


Many massage parlours offer erotic massage as a cloaked term for sexmassage. Contradictory to the mainstream practices, this isn’t the case at Massage House, as we offer a professional massage service with a little bit of erotica as an extra, instead of the opposite. Since all of our masseuses are certified masseuses, their knowledge would go into vain.

As previously stated, our massage services offer a professional massage service. The massage takes place in our exclusive massage parlour in downtown Budapest near to Nyugati pályaudvar. It’s well hidden from the mainstream audience, but still close enough for exquisites who want an unforgettable experience.

Erotic massage is the term used for lingam (also spelled lingham sometimes) massage and slippery massage. Lingam can be considered as a therapeutic massage, since it has many benefits to the body apart from the obvious. One can treat his impotence and/or premature ejaculation, which problems are sadly considered a shame in today’s society, while affecting a significant amount of the male population.

Slippery massage on the other hand is probably the best thing in the world. The masseuse pours oil or nuru gel on her and your body, which is followed by her slipping on you. We can’t really put into words how great it is, you just have to experience it.