Professional erotic massage in Budapest

Experience the art of high-quality massage excellence

Regular Massage or Erotic Massage in Budapest?

You can find both in Massage House! We offer high-quality massage and professional erotic massage service by our masseuses, who masterfully combine professionalism and sensuality. If you are looking for a realy unforgottenable massage experience mixed with sensual tantric and professional erotic massage in Budapest, from certified, experienced and beautiful Hungarian masseuse experts, then you found the perfect place. Massage House is the best erotic massage salon for you in Budapest.

Erotic massagethe sensuality

Massage House‘s massage programs include many types of erotic massages, like tantric massage, lingam massage, yoni massage, body-to-body massage, slippery massage, nuru massage or sensual massage which can provide an extraordinary experience if done professionally. And with our highly trained staff, you can be sure that you will receive high quality service.

For us, the satisfaction of our guests and the maximum quality of our services are the most important.

However please note, erotic massage is not to be mistaken for sexmassage. Our parlor doesn’t offer any kind of sexual services whatsoever! We only offer professioanl erotic massage, which spices up your experience with the help of some erotic without talking about sexuality. This is what Massage House offers: Sensual erotic massage and tantric massage, without any kind of sexual services.

Massagethe experience

The focus is not only on erotica. We are proud that traditional massage is part of our service in our salon. You can choose from several types of relaxation and refreshing massage. Look for a traditional Swedish massage, a stronger Shiatshu massage, or even a special Lomi-Lomi massage, you will find what you want with us. As we say,

It’s not just an erotic massage. It’s much more than that.

Our massage program packages are structured in such a way that a traditional massage of your choice is the first part of the experience, followed by an erotic massage as appropriate. We believe that in this way it is possible to create the most direct relationship between tguest and masseuse, and in this way we can maximize the experience that the massage provides for our guests.

Masseusesthe skills

All masseuses at Massage House are certified, experienced and higly skilled. All of our programs are provided by these girls who have learned and practiced our carefully structured massage programs then finally passed an excellent exam before they can start their careers at Massage House. Based on our high-level requirements for the masseurs who workwith us, we can say that these masseuses are the top-of-the-line in this field. Here at the Massage House we offer a professional service. This is why many of our guests say that Massage House is the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest. Are they right? Come and try it for yourself…

Erotic Massage Budapest? –> Massage House

Safetyin first place

For us, the safety of our guests comes first. It is important to note that the

Massage House is a legally operating massage parlor, not a brothel.

We only mix erotica into our massage programs to the extent permitted by law, and we never, under any circumstances, provide sexual services. This kind of thing is illegal and punishable in Hungary, so please be careful if you are offered this kind of service somewhere else. This is guaranteed not to happen at the Massage House.

But legal certainty is not the only important thing. We also have to be careful about diseases. That is why we disinfect all surfaces in our salon after each guest, including the shower and the massage tatami. We welcome everyone with freshly washed and disinfected, fluffy and high-quality towels and sheets. You don’t have to worry about infections. For us, cleanliness is a basic requirement.

And if it’s security, let’s talk about values too. Although every masseuse who works with us is 100% reliable, for the comfort and peace of mind of our guests and the safety of their valuables, there is a safebox in each of our massage rooms, which our guests can use free of charge for the valuables.

Slippery massage,
have you tried it yet?

Slippery massage is for ones lookig for an extraordinary, close to unworldly experience. The feeling when the girl is slipping on you soaked in oil is amazing. If you already tried it, you certainly know what’s the big fuss about. If you haven’t, this is the perfect time, because you don’t know what you’ve missed so far… It’s also important to note that as all other massage types, slippery massage can be too done below averagely, so it’s important to do some research before visiting a massause who offers this service. You can be sure, that at Massage House, all of our masseuses go through extensive training and have an official certification of their skills. In Massage House, only professional service awaits you!

Nuru massage,
only for gourmands

Nuru massage is a type of slippery massage which uses a special accessory called Nuru gel. During the program, the masseuse uses her whole body: her arms, breasts and butt. Since Nuru gel is way more slippery than massage oil, this program offers a really extraordinary experience. Those who want to try slippery massage can also choose Nuru massage. You won’t be disappointed. 🙂

4 handed massage,
if one masseuse is not enough…

If you like to double pleasures, try our four-handed synchronous massage, during which two beautiful masseuse girls massages your whole body. The girls go in sync (hence the name), starting from your feet and going up to the arms. Since the human body is symmetric, the 4 handed massage plays out in perfect harmony at the same time on the relative side your body.

Body to body massage,
the king of the massages

The top of the culmination therapeutic massages, where the masseur covers his own body with plenty of oil first, then you and let’s the body to body massage start. The masseuse use her whole body not just hes hands. This is why it is called body to body massage. The feeling of the massage touch your whole body, the mood as the two oily bodies come together is truly unparalleled and unforgettable. READ MORE ABOUT BODY TO BODY MASSAGE

Tantric massage,
tantra massage in other words

Tantra or even tantric massage is a game of the senses. Come and experience the uniqueness of this mystical Hindu type of massage. You can use it to expand your body’s consciousness, develop your senses, learn to focus on erogenous zones, recharge your body and soul, and immerse yourself in the wonderful intoxication of tantric massage. READ MORE ABOUT TANTRA MASSAGE

Prostate massage,
if you wanna try something different

For a man, prostate massage is quite different from any other massage type. This particularly intimate massage is an unparalleled way to keep your prostate young and next to it the experience what gives you is really special. You can feel your body quite different way. If you want to try it, don’t hesitate!.

Bring your partner: massage for couples

We offer 2 kinds of couple’s massage depending on if you want one or two masseuses. Couple’s massage can also include erotic massage.

Massage for couples,
with one masseuse

Couple’s massage is the perfect gift to an anniversary, Valentine’s, or a normal day. During this program, one of our masseuse girls will be present in the massage room with you and your partner. Since the masseuse can only massage one of you, she tries to include one of you (respectively) in the massage as well to show you techniques. This is why that this program is much more interactive and educational than the two masseused counterpart. It’s very useful to learn some techniques, as you can always try that on a later day at home. Please note that not all masseuses are available in this program, so be sure to consult the options and the prices here.

Massage for couples,
with two masseuses

Like the one masseuse counterpart, this program is also a great gift for your relationship with your partner, the only difference being that both of you are getting a passive role, and don’t have to do any work other than enjoying the experience. 4 of you are present in a massage room, you, your partner and two of your chosen masseuse girls. The tatamis are besides each other, so you can even hold hands during the program. Please not here as well, that not all of our masseuses are availabe for this program. Please consult our prices and options on this page.

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Choose us IF…

  • Quality is important to you.
  • You are choosy and you are also looking for a high quality service.
  • You want to choose the best.
  • You would like to receive a professional massage and a professional erotic massage by the hands of professional, qualified masseuses.
  • You want to choose from a selection of pretty masseuses.
  • The environment, the welcome and the salon you go to are important to you.
  • You are demanding about cleanliness and hygiene.
  • You are looking for an erotic massage, but you are aware that this is not the same as a sex massage.
  • You want nothing more than a professional erotic massage.
  • If it is important to you to use a legal service in a real massage salon.

DO NOT choose us IF…

  • You are looking for the cheapest.
  • You want a BJ happy ending, oral sex or any other sexual service.
  • You want mutuality.
  • You are looking for an outcall service.
  • You have no need for quality, cleanliness, or standards.


Very professional and relaxing, I have no complaints and will be sure to visit again next time I’m in Budapest.


Very pleasant atmoshfere and experience. The club is very well decorated and hygene is on the highest level.

Goran Varat

5 star service, professional, clean, good hospitality. If you are looking for erotic massage in Budapest deffenetaly the best choice.

K. S.

Good erotic massage salon at Budapest, very nice girls at the front desk, they are flexible and helpful with the programs. The massage room had nice purple mood lighting and white courtains which really set the mood. The premises were all clean, no complaints regarding the flat or the staff. Big up!


Dear Massage House,

It didn’t work out in the end, busy schedule. BUT I really need to give you some feedback: I visited your house earlier last week, without too many expectations, even a bit worried about the ‘bad’ reviews on google. Even though it was a bit crowded at that very moment, I felt very welcome and taken care of from the very start. The masseuse I booked (Rachel) showed up late because of heavy traffic, but it was definitely worth waiting for. I don’t know yet when I will be visiting your city next time, no doubt I will visit the House again. I only made one mistake… I should have booked for 90 minutes instead of 45… 🙂 So, thanks again for the perfect organization and the wonderful treatment! Kind regards


Place is great. Look online for your girl, then email to set an an appointment. Place is not shady at all and very professional. Get the Nuru upgrade. The only downside to this place is that the girls aren’t completely naked, they’ll leave a thong on. But everything else here is grade A. Also note the pics are accurate, but Photoshoped. Maybe the hair color has changed on a girl or two. But the girl in the pic is the girl you get!


Generally the salon is well designed and clean, during my first visit there I had a very good first impression. All the statues, pictures and furnitures are carefully chosen to fit the theme of the room. The place was clean, including the bathroom, with various shower gel options and everything is taken care of from the first moment of arrival. I was a bit nervous when I made the booking as I’ve never had such an experience before, but the receptionists were very kind and helpful and my initial stress quickly evaporated. My chosen masseuse was chatty and friendly as well, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all, we talked about the sights of Budapest and common interests and she was genuinly nice and talkative which made the massage program even better. The special Nuru massage felt really good as well, I’d recommend this extra addition to anyone debating on it.


I loved everything the receptionist, the cleaning, the girl who bought the massage for me she was very good and had the excellent experience to get you happy😍😍😘😘😘

R. A.

My first nuru experience in Budapest was much more pleasurable than I thought it can be. As the girl told me it’s a new program in that salon (and in Budapest too), but she used the gel in a very smart way. The gel was the same – I think – like in Thailand, sloppy and viscous, just as I like it.


Nice and clean erotic massage salon at Budapest, easy to get there. Girls are smiling, bath and massage room is well equipped, massage is professional, body to body massage is sensual – quality service.


Hey there, what a great parlour! Thanks for the ladys’s kindness and for the smooth organization! Excellent place!


Luxury massage place. Nice rooms, receptionists are very kind. Not cheap but worth the price.

U. L.

Frequented spot at the city, but still discreet, wasn’t uncomfortable to enter. Elegant interior, service was correct, I got what I was expecting based on the website.


I have been there two years ago when I was in Budapest, and I loved so much that I said next time in Budapest I have to do it again. Today was that day and it was so great that I have to write a review. I am a litle shy by nature, but that lady made me feel relaxed. She knew what she was doing, she didn’t talk to much, she had a wonderfull body and her hands were amazing. Thank you… I am looking forward to come back again.

K. J.