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  • The history of lomi lomi
  • The nature of Lomilomi
  • Lomi Lomi Effects
  • Appropriate conditions
  • Practice

The history of lomi lomi massage

The word ‘lomi’ means ‘kneading’, ‘pressing’ or ‘rubbing’. All this in such a way that any tension could be dissolved, the detoxification processes of the body could be started, and the soul and spirit could be completely refreshed.

Lomilomi massage has another name, which is ’loving hand’. This name originates from the fact that the masseuses handle all their guests with all the love of their whole heart. In West cultures, it is also referred to as “Hawaiian massage,” although this is less common.

Lomilomi is a form of sacred massage belonging to Indonesian culture. It is completely different from the types known in Western culture.

This is the art of healing touch. It rests on deep, spiritual traditions. It used to spread within the family, through traditions. That is why there can be found many versions. It was kept as hidden knowledge for a long time.

Aunty Margaret Machado (1916-2009) was the first native Hawaiian to become a certified Lomilomi masseuse. Calling seniors an aunt or aunty out of respect is a Hawaiian tradition, hence the name came. Machado wanted to share the of ’touch of divine love’ massage with others. She said, Lomilomi is ’a loving touch, a connection with the heart, hand and soul to the source of all life’.

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The nature of Lomilomi

Polynesians, like Eastern philosophy, accept the view that all disease is of spiritual origin. Thus, Lomilomi is a kind of sacred art. By purifying the spirit, it brings beneficial physiological changes to the client’s life thanks to back-and-forth mechanisms. By relaxing the muscles and applying gentle touches, it delivers energy to the treated body part, thus dissolving the stuck energy blocks, clearing the way for the free flow of energy.

The life philosophy behind the massage is the “huna”. According to the huna, which is the Polynesian life philosophy, the physical body loses harmony with its environment as a result of negative thoughts, behaviors, or experiences, which evolves in the form of diseases appearing on the physical plane. Based on this, diseases are rooted in lost unity with the environment and lack of love.

The causes of the diseases can be traced back to these reasons. In ancient Polynesian culture, shamans and healers the so-called Kahuna Lapa’aus solved fears and blockages with the help of massage. In this way, people were able to move into a new phase of life. For this reason, lomilomi is also known as ’changing massage’.

If you participate in a traditional lomilomi treatment, the method reveals that we humans are spiritual beings. We are more than the material world around us. That we are able to accept, to let go, to love. We are able to create.

A popular greeting in the Hawaiian Islands is ’aloha’. The word is used in extremely diverse contexts. It can mean for example ’love’ and ’happiness’. According to their philosophy, there is no one without the other, the two are almost one and the same. The word can even mean ’God to you’. If we divide the word into parts, we can recognize the ’breath of life’ in it, but at the same time the expression of ’kindness, patience, humility, love and unity’ is also aloha.

A positive message that suggests, ’Here and now, I share with you the love within me’, ’be happy and share the joy of life with others’ or ’to love means to be happy’.

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Lomi Lomi Effects


Its beneficial effects can be experienced on several levels:

  • On a physical level, our muscles relax, the foci dissolve.
  • On a mental level it calms your nerves down.
  • On an emotional level, it creates a state of calm, love and peace in us.
  • Finally, on a spiritual level, previously entrenched belief systems may be questioned.

It is especially effective in helping to let go of negative emotional patterns. With regular use, stress is relieved. During the treatment, the creative solutions that emerge in the meditative state help to solve the problems that occur in the present life situation. Lomilomi is a relaxing, medium-strong, energetically filling miracle.

Through it, the body rests and the soul begins to work. Everyone comes out relaxed and full of tremendous energies from such an occasion.




Appropriate conditions

Lomilomi is a full body massage. It is performed on the abdominal and back side, and also contains facial massage. It is recommended to do it on a massage bed, as the strokes and technique require it. It is by no means convenient to perform on the floor, on a mattress or on a tatami, as the masseuse’s space for maneuver is more limited at this time.

The massage is done with the help of a carrier, which is most often oil. The delicately scented massage oils, on the one hand, have a beneficial effect on our senses and nerves due to their aroma, and on the other hand, their delicate smooth texture makes it easier to perform long, prolonged catches on the body. The melody of soft meditative music easily flies you into a relaxing, relaxed state of consciousness. The incense is optional, but it can be a pleasant addition to the treatment due to its very good energetic space-cleaning properties and soothing scent.

The airy, clean, spacious room is also recommended for a Lomilomi massage. This one is a massage type that requires unobstructed space, as the masseuse almost dances the guest around.

The dance is not predetermined. It is always different, variable, as it depends on the guest and their mental state. Symbolically, the masseuse is the dancer themselves and the guest is the choreographer. No two lomilomi massages are the same.

It is recommended to go on lomilomi massage every two days, but it works most 3-4 times a week until the muscle nodules dissolve. The change can be felt even after the first time.



During the treatment, the guest can feel like being in the arms of the ocean. The strokes mimic the waving of the water.

Immerse yourself in the constantly flowing, waving, quiet, calm, relaxing massage! All this can be accompanied by soft music. This property of the massage type is important because, according to the huna, the energy comes in ripples. When the wave-like motion ceases, the energies flowing in the body become trapped. These barriers are meant to be dismantled by Lomilomi.

It is based on delicate, soft, caressing touches, rocking movements. It’s not just kneading with the palm, but smoothing with a long elongated forearm, hand and elbow technique, and wrapping and rocking with sheets. It is not just a massage, but also a meditative journey.

It is characterized by hand and foot techniques around the guest with dance alike movements. There are no rules, no protocol, the masseuse must rely on their intuitions. The only regularity int he massage is that before it, the masseuse asks for blessing from the heavens in a prayer so that the treatment is as effective as possible. Then everything happens intuitively, tuned to the patient.

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My experience at Massage House in Budapest was absolutely rejuvenating! I booked a session for the Lomi Lomi massage, and I must say, it exceeded all my expectations. The ambiance was soothing, and the therapist was incredibly skilled. The Lomi Lomi technique they used left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. I highly recommend this salon to anyone in Budapest looking for a top-notch massage experience.



5 / 5

If you’re in Budapest and craving a luxurious massage experience, look no further than Massage House. I recently treated myself to their Lomi Lomi massage, and it was pure bliss from start to finish. The ambiance was tranquil, the staff was friendly and professional, and the massage itself was heavenly. I left feeling like a new person, completely de-stressed and invigorated. Hands down, one of the best massage salons in the city!



5 / 5

I can’t stop raving about my recent visit to Massage House in Budapest! From the moment I walked in, I was greeted with warmth and hospitality. I opted for the Lomi Lomi massage, and it was a game-changer. The therapist was attentive to my needs, and the technique used was both therapeutic and relaxing. I left feeling lighter, both physically and mentally. If you’re in Budapest and in need of some self-care, do yourself a favor and book a session at Massage House.