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Sensual massage in Budapest

Clarifying the meaning of sensual massage is probably best done at the beginning of this article.
Find the best sensual massage Budapest with our guide.

What makes a massage sensual?

Opinions might be different. There is some agreement that people are not thinking about a painful massage consisting of vigorous movements.

We can mention any massage, it is always aimed at eliminating tension and energy blocks in the body.

Is the massage type focuses on sexual energies? Yes! So we can talk about erotic massage.

As with any massage, erotic massage plays an important role in creating a relaxed state. The receiving party has to be relaxed.
This way he/she can more likely unlock those specific energy blocks.

Erotic massage can be perfumed with scents. For example, a fine scented massage oil or incense.

However, you should take care of the incense, because when it used indoors, there is a chance that we will feel the smell too much.

Sensual massage is usually made up of fine movements, alternating touch techniques.

Intimate massage is perfectly suited to the subject. That is why lingam or yoni massage is often can be a part of the sensual massage.

It is advisable to combine the two. As the sensual treatment of gentle movements is sufficient preparation for intimate massages.

It can be a good idea to add body to body massage to our erotic massage.

The so-called slippery massage can be done with a regular massage oil. Or you can try the Japanese, algae-based, water-based nuru gel. This is the most wonderfully slippery substance that can be used for this type of activity.

Other important factors:

  1. pleasant music that suits our tastes.
  2. subtle warm temperatures.
  3. clean and hygienic environment.

These are the most important elements of erotic massage. Whether done at home or in a professional massage salon, this type of massage can be the perfect relaxation for anyone.

Massage for women

Why woman should go for an erotic massage?

Many people ask that question, but the answer is very simple: the reason is exactly the same as in the case of a man: women want to relax and indulge.

Erotic massage helps women to relax as well as for a man.

But are massage parlors prepared for ladies’ needs?

Well, some parlours are, some of them are not. Better to get some info, before we choose a parlour. There are salons where masseuses has no yoni massage knowledge. They think, much more man visit erotic parlours, than women. That’s true… Most women experience the erotic massage as a part of a couple, so they enjoy relaxing treatments in a couple massage program.

There are also braver ones, who visit an erotic massage program alone. In both cases, it is necessary for the masseuse to have Yoni massage knowledge. The yoni (female genital Sanskrit name, meaning: holy temple) massage is the massage for women: has a therapeutic effect as intimate massage as the lingam (male genital Sanskrit name) massage.

When a masseuse gives a lady an erotic massage, she works very slowly and softly. After she finished a full body massage,  begin to give the intimate massage in a state of perfect relaxation.
Special erotic massage for women

Wonderful results can also be achieved in the case of women with intimate massage from Eastern traditions. It has proven to be an excellent way to combat frigidity and other sexual disorders.

Of course, in many cases, psychotherapy can be recommended in parallel.

But no miracle can be expected from a single treatment. Usually it takes several months to get the treatment done, but it is worth it. Knowing and learning about our own body is a milestone in every woman’s life. This is where yoni massage helps, so it is worth and it is advisable to give a chance.

Massage House works with several professional masseuses who have deep experience in yoni massage. Book an appointment and get to know your body!

About Yoni massage

Have you ever heard about yoni massage? It’s an extraordinary erotic massage type. It is, because the guest and the masseuse can only be woman: this is the main differences from any other massage type. That is why yoni massage can create a cozy atmosphere and a really private connection between the guest and the masseuse.

If you want to know more about Yoni massage

Are you a woman, and you get interested in this massage? First of all, yoni massage is an erotic massage. Woman can touches other woman in a way, that no man can do: it’s because two member of the same gender know more about the others needs.

Secondly, on women bodies can be found more erogenous zones, which are really sensitive. The erotic masseuse touches gently those ares with caressing fingers and uses soft, gently pushing techniques.

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Yoni massage is a special erotic massage, because the customer is every time a woman.

The erotic masseuse using special massage techniques around the genital area and between the legs. It can create intimacy and can relax the guests bodies.

The erotic masseuse use oil during Yoni massage

To fulfill the massage experiment, the masseuses apply special massage oils on the customers body. She cover the whole body with this oil to create the perfect atmosphere, where the guest can relax and enjoy the massage. This oil can also help the masseuse to massage the guest with gently and soft pushing techniques.

Even though yoni massage is a type of erotic massage, it is not a sexual massage. A lot of women suffer from psychic problems, and this massage can ease those mental burdens from the customers. We don’t always show our weaknesses, but a lot of women carrying non-visible burdens, and this massage can help to forget them.

Couples erotic massage

Couples erotic massage in Budapest.

There comes a time in every relationship when you feel the need to spice things up and bring some intimacy back. Or you just simply want to experience something new. Couples erotic massage is a perfect way to add some spice to your time together and even learn some new moves.

One or two masseuses?

When you book an appointment you can choose if you’d like one or two masseuses. Both options are great opportunities to steal some moves from your masseuse(s). You can also see, hear and feel your partner’s reactions to the different massage techniques and moves.

With two masseuses you are massaged simultaneously in the same room, close enough to each other to even hold hands. You can change up the masseuses as well to experience both of their techniques. Feel free to ask questions about certain moves to learn the essence of sensual massage.

If you chose one masseuse for both of you the program becomes a bit more interactive. Your masseuse and your partner can massage you at the same time like a synchronic massage. This adds a great deal of eroticism to the program while it is really fun to learn from a professional masseuse. When it comes to lingam massage and yoni massage you can pick up the essential moves. Trying them at home afterward will be open new possibilities and a whole new erotic world.

Erotic massage for couples, learn about sensuality.

Adding more sensuality

We strongly recommend adding either the oily slippery massage or the warm Nuru massage to the program to experience an even more erotic massage. It is very exciting to learn how to massage with body parts apart from your hands, e.g. bottom, breasts, thighs, stomach. You’ll both be blown away by the intimacy and you’ll leave with the most memorable sensual experience!


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Erotic and sensual massage – the modern indulgence

Sensual massage by professional erotic masseuses.

Erotic massage is an old tradition that exists for quite some time now, yet, it’s becoming more and more popular in our modern world. The reasons for this can be speculated, some think it’s because we have limited intimacy with our loved ones. Others claim that our world has sped up so much that it’s almost an impossible task to find someone you can get sensual with. Nowadays, we don’t have as much time to just lay back and enjoy the gentle touch of another person. This is where erotic and sensual massage parlors come into the picture in our modern world, offering the medication for the missing intimacy.


A solution: erotic & sensual massage parlors

Sensual massage by professional erotic masseuses.Erotic massage is basically whatever you take out of it during a program. The masseuses are just as human as all guests at a parlor, they’ll listen and chat with you. You get to talk about anything you’d like while getting a sensual massage from a beautiful girl. You can also choose to spend that time concentrating on your inner self and peace.

In this fast world of ours, sensuality is key. The softer the touch and more sensual the masseuse, the easier it is to let go of all the stress. Tantric massage, ‘the massage of the senses’ is perfect for everyone in need of a little intimacy. The masseuse uses gentle moves and soft fingertip-touches rather than strong, kneading techniques. Ultimately, the aim is to reach complete relaxation for body and soul whilst loosening those muscle knots.

Another special addition to the erotic massage programs is lingam massage for men and yoni massage for women. Firstly, there is the feeling of a gorgeous girl massaging your main erogenous zone. Secondly, lingam massage is proven to be effective to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, and even sterility. Therefore, lingam massage is considered a therapeutic massage as well for all its positive impacts.

If you’re searching for a bit of sensuality and/or a professional erotic massage, look no further! If erotic massage Budapest then Massage House!