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Erotic massage gift voucher

Have you ever tried erotic massage? How does it felt? If you want to share this experiment with one or your best friend, college or family member, you can buy an erotic massage gift voucher. And your gift will be unforgettable!

Erotic massage gift voucher

Nowadays everyone wants to relax, but almost nobody can. That is why it can be a perfect gift for someone, who lives a really stressful life. It’s a really simply and easy way to give somebody a relaxing pastime.

And if your chosen one friend is shy, or you know, that he or she doesn’t want to go alone, no worries. There is also an option, to choose couples massage, where two guests can at the same time enjoy the erotic massage experiment. What is more, you can call the reception, and say some detail about your friends personality. The receptionist can give you really good advises, to choose the best massage program!

The erotic massage gift voucher can be used for any program. You can find them on the main page of the Erotic Massage House.

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Erotic massage gift voucher can be a good present for you friends.

Receiving the erotic massage gift voucher

It is also really easy to get the voucher: you can visit the place itself personally, and the receptionist will give you the voucher. Or you can choose to pay it via your bank account, and you will receive the gift voucher as an e-mail message. After that, you can print it, and it’s ready to use.

Do you find it really hard, to think about the right gift for you loved one? And what do you think, who doesn’t want to enjoy a relaxing massage program? Erotic massage can release the stress from the body, and can boost the self esteem. In Erotic Massage House Budapest you can definitely find the right program for your friend.

Couples erotic massage

Couples erotic massage in Budapest.

There comes a time in every relationship when you feel the need to spice things up and bring some intimacy back. Or you just simply want to experience something new. Couples erotic massage is a perfect way to add some spice to your time together and even learn some new moves.

One or two masseuses?

When you book an appointment you can choose if you’d like one or two masseuses. Both options are great opportunities to steal some moves from your masseuse(s). You can also see, hear and feel your partner’s reactions to the different massage techniques and moves.

With two masseuses you are massaged simultaneously in the same room, close enough to each other to even hold hands. You can change up the masseuses as well to experience both of their techniques. Feel free to ask questions about certain moves to learn the essence of sensual massage.

If you chose one masseuse for both of you the program becomes a bit more interactive. Your masseuse and your partner can massage you at the same time like a synchronic massage. This adds a great deal of eroticism to the program while it is really fun to learn from a professional masseuse. When it comes to lingam massage and yoni massage you can pick up the essential moves. Trying them at home afterward will be open new possibilities and a whole new erotic world.

Erotic massage for couples, learn about sensuality.

Adding more sensuality

We strongly recommend adding either the oily slippery massage or the warm Nuru massage to the program to experience an even more erotic massage. It is very exciting to learn how to massage with body parts apart from your hands, e.g. bottom, breasts, thighs, stomach. You’ll both be blown away by the intimacy and you’ll leave with the most memorable sensual experience!


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