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Man and erotic massage

Man and massage... great couple
Man love to receive erotic or simple massage.

When the topic of erotic massage arise, the vast majority of women disapprove the behavior of man and consider them pathetic. Instead they should begin to discover what erotic massage can give for the ladies as well!

In our previous post we deatailed the yoni massage’s effects, so if you are interested for it, just just click here!

However, why not go to erotic massage salons?

Well, man and erotic massage are standing quiet close to each other.

The erotic massage from the male point of view seems different. Most man simply go to the masseuse for a tension relief. We can say, that managers are generally suffering from back pain. Massage is one of the best therapy for…

But why should we go to an EROTIC masseuse? – Women would growl at such a conversation.

Dear Ladies! Because every man desires kindness. And a professional erotic masseuse knows how to be very nice even with a new customer, who is a stranger actually. That’s a part of her job: the massage is sensual and kindness is part of the sensuality.

Don’t forget to mention the healing effects of massage.

A hearty massage soothes, both physically and physically, relieves stress and refreshes. There are many types of massage techniques, and erotic salons usually use a mix of different types of massage. As a result, guests leave relaxed and stressless after the program.

And for man with erectile dysfunction, it’s not a question why erotic massage is the choice: they also have a cure for their intimate problems!

In fact, lingam massage has been shown to have a beneficial effect on a variety of sexual dysfunction.

Massage House offers qualified, professional masseuses, for man and women who look for relax and heal. It makes no sense to think it is something wrong: better if you think in a new way: health maintenance is part of the daily lives of conscious people. Pleasant with the useful … they usually say.

Massage for women

Why woman should go for an erotic massage?

Many people ask that question, but the answer is very simple: the reason is exactly the same as in the case of a man: women want to relax and indulge.

Erotic massage helps women to relax as well as for a man.

But are massage parlors prepared for ladies’ needs?

Well, some parlours are, some of them are not. Better to get some info, before we choose a parlour. There are salons where masseuses has no yoni massage knowledge. They think, much more man visit erotic parlours, than women. That’s true… Most women experience the erotic massage as a part of a couple, so they enjoy relaxing treatments in a couple massage program.

There are also braver ones, who visit an erotic massage program alone. In both cases, it is necessary for the masseuse to have Yoni massage knowledge. The yoni (female genital Sanskrit name, meaning: holy temple) massage is the massage for women: has a therapeutic effect as intimate massage as the lingam (male genital Sanskrit name) massage.

When a masseuse gives a lady an erotic massage, she works very slowly and softly. After she finished a full body massage,  begin to give the intimate massage in a state of perfect relaxation.
Special erotic massage for women

Wonderful results can also be achieved in the case of women with intimate massage from Eastern traditions. It has proven to be an excellent way to combat frigidity and other sexual disorders.

Of course, in many cases, psychotherapy can be recommended in parallel.

But no miracle can be expected from a single treatment. Usually it takes several months to get the treatment done, but it is worth it. Knowing and learning about our own body is a milestone in every woman’s life. This is where yoni massage helps, so it is worth and it is advisable to give a chance.

Massage House works with several professional masseuses who have deep experience in yoni massage. Book an appointment and get to know your body!

Massage together for Birthday or Christmas

Massage together: the perfect gift

If you haven’t tried it, let’s find a suitable person for this massage quickly, because it’s not worth missing out. However, if you are having a massage together at home, it is best to do this wonderful, refreshing massage with your partner. After all, it is an intimate massage that plays with the senses. Whether at home or at a massage salon, a couple massage can be an unforgettable experience.

Couple massage in your home


If you want to experience a massage together with your partner in your apartment, the advantage of the location might be less inhibition on the home course.

 But this is not the case for everyone. If you have enough massage experience anyway, why not to start pampering each other at home. The movements are almost self-perpetuating. One follows from the other. Massage therapy can be a tantric experience if both parties are relaxed and tuned properly.


Couple massage at a professional massage salon


However, if you were about to choose a salon with your partner, there would be several options to choose from.


The massage technique is less sensual than giving it to each other, it does not need to be explained. Usually Swedish or Japanese, or a mixture of both, is used by masseuses during massage programs. Unless you specifically choose a place where other special types of massage are performed.


After choosing a salon, in most cases, you also decide to have one or two masseuses. If one masseuse is requested, the program will be explicitly interactive. It will teach you how to get to each other, it will show you treats that you can practice together.

If two masseuses are requested for the program, then relaxation will be more emphasized. You will be massaged separately, of course, in a massage room next to each other. It is less interactive, but more relaxing. And the shared experience will remain for a long time for both of you.


Massage as a gift


Couple massage can be a perfect gift for almost any occasion. Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, Women’s Day, Anniversary … If you plan to make it at home, you can easily create a spa atmosphere with a few small decorations.


For example, place a nicely rolled or folded towel on the bed where you will be massaging. Light a few candles around the bed, of course, securely placed. Turn off the bright lights and turn on some soft music. And of course, do not forget about massage oils: use natural oils as much as possible. Coconut or almond oil are perfect for this purpose.


If you choose the massage salon version you will obviously not need these operations. The salons are filled with music, lights, fresh towels and fragrant oils.


So making the decision is your job… If you would like to purchase a gift voucher to Massage House, please use the link below:

massage techniques

Professional masseuse in Budapest

Visitors of Budapest and locals suffer from the abundance of masseuses. There are a lot of people working in this profession in Hungary, so it is slightly diluted, of course. Finding a professional masseuse in Budapest is not that easy.


Well, because some types of massage can be practise without qualifications. Many masseuses try to attract guests using their exteriors only. This kind of attitude, as a  long term strategy, will not ensure for this masseuses fixed guest.

If you are looking for a massage, you will not be satisfied if the girl is beautiful, but has no idea about the technics. After all, a sore muscle won’t get better if she don’t know how to touch it.  

So expertise is important. Those who study massage will be able to do their job safely. By having anatomical knowledge, they will know which part of the body to touch and how.

And by mastering , you can further deepen your massage knowledge.

Thus, a professional masseuse is skilled in anatomy and is familiar with at least one, but rather more, massage techniques.

What else can be important besides technics, for a masseuse in Budapest?

Of course, it is important to be able to communicate well with the guests, as a pleasant massage experience is a must. Some people even like to talk while having a massage. But those who prefer quietly relaxing or refreshing their bodies, are also would like to be nicely welcomed.

All Massage House masseuses are skilled, experienced, selectively guest-centric colleagues. These factors are a basic requirement in this salon.

This is probably why it is very popular with other salons in the queue. It is a professionally prepared place for welcoming both Hungarian and foreign guests. It is located not far from the city center and close to the Western Railway Station.

Here guests’ comfort, tranquility, relaxation and refreshment are paramount, so everyone leaves satisfied and returns soon …

Where to find the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest?

Even to the most experienced traveler, the beforementioned question can be a hassle if you are here for the first time and therefore you are guessing where is the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest. Therefore, this post is for you, dear visitor, if you are new in this town and want to receive a great massage.

Budapest is a real cosmopolis. If you have never been to this beautiful and special historic city, you should definitely visit it once. And if you already know the Hungarian capital, your heart will pull you back sooner or later.

Why? I can tell you a few reasons: colorful and high-quality gastronomy, as Hungarian kitchen is more than wine and paprika.
Others will be captured by the streets, as the city center is full of beautiful historic buildings, most of them would require renovation, still they provide a wonderful reminder of past times and old architectural styles. The city’s cultural and entertainment facilities also attract more and more tourists.

Let’s not forget about the beautiful Hungarian girls.
Well, dear reader, there are many beautiful, professionally qualified ladies who offer their services. But it does matter which masseuse or what salon you choose, if you are looking for a quality service.

When you are looking for the best erotic massage parlour in Budapest, please list your considerations. If you go for an erotic massage, beauty will be at the first place, when you choose a masseuse. This is fine, of course it is important to receive the massage from a beautiful girl, but her technical knowledge is at least as important, since you are going to massage it.

best erotic massage salon

A clean, demanding environment and a well-designed atmosphere are also important. The guest orientation of the place can also be an aspect and the accessibility is not negligible.

I asked some friends and acquaintances what criterias they would use to decide if they would go to an erotic massage salon. Soon most of them tried a few erotic massage salon in Budapest and scored them.

Our salon has done an outstanding job.


All the masseuses in Massage House are qualified and professional. And since beauty can be a basic aspect, here I would mention that each of our masseuses are beautiful, even if they are different characters. That’s why it’s easy to find the one you like.

Clean, demanding environment, atmosphere:

Everything from the staircase kept nice and clean. The management paid special attention to the design of the rooms. Therefore it is guaranteed that some of them will catch you, no matter which one you choose. The bathrooms are hygienic and well equipped. Each room is equipped with fresh slippers and towels.

Guest orientation:

At the cosy and elegant reception are working lovely and attentive ladies. All guests are fully informed about the programs they interested for. They are offered refreshing drinks while being escorted to the waiting room, where their masseuse will arrive in a few minutes.

Management never ignores customer feedback, but always pays attention to it. This is important for the development of the salon and thus for the satisfaction of the guests.


Massage House is approximately five minutes from Western Railway Station. So it’s not in the heart of downtown: the location is more discreet, but still easy to reach.

The building itself is a smooth residential building, without a mark “Erotic Massage Salon”. This way anyone can walk in without any unpleasant glances. The 6th floor is conveniently accessible by elevator. Here you will find yourself at the reception from where you will be guided by your massage therapist.

Massage House is without a doubt the most exclusive salon in Budapest. If you don’t believe it, check it out! There are other erotic massage salons in Budapest, it is also worth trying other places for comparison.

Even if you choose to do so, we hope that you will visit us soon.

Tantric or nuru massage?

Both tantric and nuru massage are erotic massages. But they have really important differences: let’s see them!

Tantric massage

The masseuses use special erotic massage oils during tantric massage. Tantric massage – as you can guess from its name- plays with your senses. That is why it is really important to use special erotic massage oils during the massage. First of all it is relax the body, secondly the oils fragrance can give extra pleasure during the massage. The masseuse touch the body really gently and the other steps depend on the bond between the masseuse and the patient. The masseuses not just touch but also cosset every part of the body.

nuru massage, body, full body, part, body part, erotic massage, erotic

Body-to-body or nuru massage.

Nuru massage

Nuru massage is a body-to-body erotic massage type. It’s special, because during this type of erotic massage the masseuse use her full body. They slipping on the body with the help of the nuru cream, which is the world most slippery cream! The masseuse can slip not just on the torso, but also on the face, legs. Or around the sensitive, erogenous zones. It’s really similar to the slippery massage, but they are not the same – the difference is this special nuru oil. And also, it is erotic, because during nuru massage the patient can feel pleasure and satisfaction, just be aware, that it will not end with a real sexual orgasm.

So what is the main difference between nuru and tantric massage?

Tantric massage is about gently finger crossing around the body, what help to relax and in the main time set the person afire. And also, the masseuse use her hand and finger to satisfy the patient. On the other hand, the nuru massage is more dynamic. The masseuse use her full body, and also it is really important to coat her and her patient skin with nuru gel.

Yumeiho massage

Yumeiho massage is a traditional japan massage. It can solve a lot of health problem, what is connected to your muscles. Let’s see it!

Yumeiho massage and kung-fu

In Budapest Massage House this is a really common used massage type. It’s around an 1600 years old technique. Earlier people used it as a part of a kung-fu technique. It’s primary role was to heal muscles and cramps, which has been evolved during weight shifting.

yumeiho massage, muscle pain, body, release, stress, Budapest, Budapest massage house, Massage House Budapest, Budapest, massage, erotic massage

Yumeiho massage is a traditional massage.

Yumeiho massage technique

It’s a really strong, but painless massage. The masseuses switch between soft and hard touching, what can remediate your body.

That is why this massage is really useful for those, who want to fix their muscles. If you do sport, your body can be stressed.

Yumeiho massage for you body and soul

If you choose a classic massage, like this, you will get what you can expect from this massage. If you do is repetitive, it can heal you muscle.

This massage is differ from swedish massage, because Swedish massage is famous in Western Europe. Even it is also for relaxing your body muscles, it is more like a “manager massage” because it can be painfully, and strong massage. Yumeiho massage is a softer one, that is why is is also good for those ones who doesn’t prefer painfully, strong touches.

The massages’ health benefits

Massage is a really ancient way to cure patient from diseases. It’s really surprising, how touches and rubbing techniques can release the stress from our body. Moreover, massage can help to prevent heart diseases too.

If you are interested to this massage, you can try this out in the best massage house of Budapest, the Budapest Massage House. You can find it in the heart of Budapest.

About slippery massage

Have you ever heard something about slippery massage? Is is slippery because of the gel, or why?

Slippery massage body to body erotic massage

This massage is an erotic massage. It is called also body to body massage, because the masseuses use her body during the massage. Sounds good, isn’t it?

Of course, when a masseuse want to relax your body with this special technique, firstly she cream her body with massage oil. Yes, to be slippery. After that, she put the gel on her patient body, to ensure the lubricity.

What is exactly slippery massage?

After the preparation, the masseuses begin to rub you body with her body. She lie on you, and begin to move repetitive, and really slow up and down. While this move, she gently touches you with her breast, belly, legs and even her bottom.

During this program the masseuses can slither on the patient back, butt or legs, but even she can give slippery massage on the patient face or around his genitalia.

slippery massage, massage oils, massage oil, Budapest massage house, massage house Budapest, Budapest, massage, erotic massage, erotic massage house

Slippery massage or body-to-body massage.

This is important to know about slippery massage

As you can see now, slippery massage is almost without limits. But, you have to know, that even though this is a body-to-body massage type, this is not a sexmassage.

First of all the patient can’t have orgasm during this massage, it’s just give him or her energy, and erase the stress from his or her body. Of course, nobody said that it can’t make some excitement.

Erotic massage is a real massage type, and it is a therapeutic healing. During this massage the masseuses use oils to moisturize the body, and because of that the massage can be more efficient. The touches are gently but go deeper and can relay the body. In our days, it’s really important to relax sometimes.

Prostate massage

Do you know, that you can try out two different massage at the same time? Lingam massage is a good combination with prostate massage. Let’s see, why!

Lingam massage and prostate massage

Lingam massage is a special erotic massage type. This is, what you need to know about this type of massage!

First of all, lingam massage is focusing on your genital area. It means, that the erotic masseuse will gently rub the area around your penis, your testicles and directly the penis. Secondly, this is a therapeutic massage type, because it can remediate sexual problems, sterility, impotency and testicle diseases.

Prostate massage is a special erotic massage too. Here you can read some more information about this type of massage.

Firstly, this massage is only possibly through the rectum. The erotic masseuse do it gently with her fingers. Even if it sounds really strange, this massage technique can be an answer for a lot of health problems. Why? Because a lot of men in their middle 30 suffer from urination problem.

Secondly regular prostate massage can help to prevent prostate problem.

prostate massage, lingam massage, erotic massage, erotic massage house, massage house, massage house budapest, budapest massage house, Budapest, erotic, erotic masseuse

Prostate massage is good for your health.

Combined lingam and prostate massage

What is in common with these massages? Both of them are special therapeutic massages. You can read above, why lingam massage can cure genital problem, and the same is true to prostate massage too. Prostate is a really important organ, it is also called prostate gland. If you stimulate this area with a masseuse, you can prevent prostate problem.

Combine this two special erotic massage types to have greater pleasure, than separately! If you try out privately with your partner, you can have great orgasm – but in our massage house we strictly use them as therapeutic massage.

So if you are interested in the subject, you can find us here: erotic massagehouse budapest. I’m sure, that you will find your favorite massage!


What is lingam massage?

Lingam massage is a special type of erotic massage, because it’s focusing on the genital area.

What can you expect from lingam massage?

This erotic massage can relax your body. Lingam or lingham massage is mainly about massaging around the penis, the testicles and directly the penis. At first sight is seems a regular massage, but the tantra teach a lot moves and touching techniques, what is not often pop in our head.

It is not a massage

In spite of the fact, that this massage can give you pleasurable feeling when you are in a relationship, and you can try this out with your partner, it’s not only connected with sexuality. A lot of researches, writings and therapy prove this massage types excellence.

lingam massage, erotic massage, budapest, budapest massage house, massage house budapest, erotic, masseuses, erotic masseuse

Lingam massage can improve sexual life in relationship.

As a therapy

Lingam massage is really useful if you want to cure your problems with your genitalia, for example testicle diseases, premature ejaculation, impotency or even sterility. In that case this massage is more a therapeutic massage than erotic massage.

Nowadays everybody is in a hurry, and we don’t have enough time for ourselves. We suffer from pain, sexual problems, and a lot of people don’t know, how to solve their problem. Lingam massage can be an answer for this question.

It can solve relationship problems

Even if it sounds unbelievable, this massage can solve also relationship problems. People don’t like to admit, but sexuality play really important role in the relationships. If it doesn’t work, the relationship can go bad. This massage can relax the body and liberate the sexual energy, what is missing from the relationship. It can fix the libido, so you can look on your partner in a different way than before. And you will know more about yourself, what you need, and what you can except from your partner. If you don’t believe it, go, and find out!